3 Spurs players who will be essential to Antonio Conte’s style of play

The Nuno era is done and dusted in North London. Now, all signs are pointing towards Antonio Conte becoming Tottenham Hotspur’s new manager.

The Italian is in the capital for talks. As of this writing, he’s on the verge of taking up a brand new role in the Premier League with Spurs. This potential partnership comes after his most recent title triumph with Inter Milan. It is only a few short years on from his fascinating spell with city rivals Chelsea.

Given his renowned style of play, we thought it would be interesting to look at a few players who will be crucial to ensuring the club’s sustained success under his guidance.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane is the definition of a power forward. If Antonio Conte can get him firing again, it won’t be long before Tottenham are back in the top-four picture. Lukaku and Costa are two names that come to mind when thinking about the Conte approach to strikers. His arrival could be the catalyst behind Kane getting back to his best.

Emerson Royal

Whether it be Hakimi bursting down the flank or overlapping runs conducted on either side, Antonio Conte knows how to utilise wingbacks. Emerson Royal has been chomping at the bit to get moving for Spurs, but under Nuno, there just wasn’t a rhythm to his game. Under Conte, he should have the freedom necessary to roam and create more opportunities.

Son Heung-min

Conte sides need a playmaker who can piece together passages of play and keep a high intensity just beyond the halfway line and into the final third. Eden Hazard was of vital importance during his Chelsea days with how he drove at defences, and if anyone knows how to find space and pull other players into the game, it’s Son Heung-min. The Korean superstar will have a huge role to play in any Conte era.

Featured image credit: Getty