Adam Cullen produces epic celebration with Paddy Pimblett and holiday sunglasses after Cage Warriors 160 victory

After an explosive performance at Cage Warriors 160, Adam Cullen dived on top of Paddy Pimblett, before marching around Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester, wearing a pair of sunglasses, making for a truly epic celebration.

On Friday evening, the Liverpudlian returned to competition with the pressure of the world on his shoulders. Having lost his last fight, he knew he needed to rise to the occasion. And when it mattered most, he well and truly delivered.

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Cullen dismantled Amaury Junior in a magnificent showing, outclassing his rival on the feet, before finishing him with a brutal display of ground and pound.

Subsequently, overcome with the emotion of his triumphant comeback, he dived over the cage and created the sort of viral moment every fighter needs. But where did those outrageous sunglasses actually come from?

In an exclusive interview with Sporf, he revealed: “I always bring the entertainment with my post-fight celebrations. I wasn’t really prepared this time, I usually have something in mind. But I saw the lads, and they all had the shades on that we bought when we were on holiday. So I was just like f***ing give me them, I f**ing lashed them on and gave a few flexes because I’m the f***ing Cage Warriors Macho Man.”

“Those sunglasses have done a good little trip. They’ve done some good views. They only cost about £15, and I’ve managed to get them on the telly. The lads are made up.”

Adam Cullen overcame self-doubt ahead of Cage Warriors 160

In a sport as brutal as MMA, loss comes with the territory. But that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. However, in a testament to his mental strength, Cullen bounced back with a vengeance.

He said: “It was me vs me in there. I knew I was better than that kid, but the only thing that could’ve impacted that is my own mind. I love the quote, ‘The only thing you can control is your own mind’. I’m the f***ing boy.”

“It was a relief; it was good to prove it to myself. My lads follow me everywhere. This time, I wanted to prove that they’re right for following me. I work so hard. I’m the man. I’ve shown everyone. I’m going all the way.”


With Cage Warriors returning to Newcastle on November 25, Cullen is already planning his next move. And should he secure a victory, he’ll head into the Christmas season, happy and fully focused, on his Next Gen teammate, Paddy Pimblett’s, fight against Tony Ferguson.

The 25-year-old asserted: “Paddy will smoke Tony Ferguson, mark my words. Everyone can say I’m chatting s**t, but I train with Paddy every day. He will smoke him, and that’s a fact.”

Featured Image Credit: Cage Warriors