Amanda Ribas quits Only Fans because her future husband won’t like it

In a testament to the respect she has for the man she’ll end up marrying, Amanda Ribas has made the decision to stop posting content on Only Fans.

Later tonight, the MMA icon collides with Maycee Barber at UFC Jacksonville in a match-up that fight enthusiasts can’t afford to miss. But before the big moment, she took some time out to discuss turning down a massive amount of money in favour of keeping her risque content away from the public eye.

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Amanda Ribas terminates her Only Fans

With the landscape of the adult entertainment industry changing, many normal women are utilising Only Fans to sell subscriptions to their explicit content for the price of $5 a month. However, Ribas wants a more traditional lifestyle.

She told Stake: “At first, it wasn’t OnlyFans that I started with; it was a site called Fun Time – which is practically the same thing. I think some girls like it because they often put photos on social media, and they don’t get paid. If they want to receive money and they like doing it, why not? But for me, I don’t think my future husband will appreciate that! I will only enjoy that type of content in a ‘behind the scenes’ type of way where the fans will know what I do in my day-to-day life.”

Ironically, the Brazilian actually defeated Paige Van Zant, who is making an enormous amount from Only Fans.

Reminiscing over their bout, Ribas said: “The fight with Paige VanZant was really good for my career. It was in Abu Dhabi on Fight Island during COVID. That was a crazy experience and time to live in. Paige is a really good person who helped me throughout one of my training camps at American Top Team. Her fans are also really cool. They sent a lot of good luck messages to me. The hype she used to get benefitted me also, so it was a really good experience.”

Having made it to the world’s premier promotion, Ribas has proven herself as an incredible fighter, and she owes a lot of success to her father.


Amanda Ribas credits her dad for UFC success

From birth, the Varginha native was bred to fight. And when she temporarily stopped grappling to start dancing, her dad lost the plot.

She laughed: “My dad was furious! Since I was a baby, I’ve been a fighter. My bed was always on a mat in the gym, as I often slept there. I made fun of it because my Gi was my blanket, and my gloves were my pillows. For me, my dad was my example. He is not just my Dad; he is my psychologist and stylist.”

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She continued: “He is always correcting me, saying things like ‘Amanda, you’re hair is not good’, or ‘Amanda, put a dress on!’ He is my everything. When I stopped fighting to dance – he asked so many questions like ‘Why would you do this’? You’re friends are training, fighting and travelling, and you are going to dance’? At that point, I think I made the switch because I didn’t know who I was at the time. Am I a Woman or still a little girl? I needed to dance to discover myself. Whilst dancing, I realised I was a fighter. All my friends were doing it, and I missed it a lot.”

And now the pair are living the dream, and who knows what they will achieve next?

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