Anthony Elanga reveals the fastest players at Man United

Manchester United youngster Anthony Elanga has revealed who he believes to be the fastest players at the club.

For years now the Premier League has been home to some of the fastest players on the face of the planet and within that category, United have played a pretty big role. From full-backs to electric wingers and beyond, the Red Devils always seem to have some speed within their ranks – and 19-year-old Elanga will know that better than most.

Elanga’s speedy quartet

As one of the club’s brightest prospects it makes sense for him to watch and learn from the very best at one of the biggest proving grounds in the sport. During a recent Q&A, he spoke about who he believes to be the fastest when asked by Jesse Lingard who he’d like to feature alongside in a hypothetical 4x100m relay race.

“I’m good at both 100m and 1500m,” said Elanga. “I love a relay too and if I had to pick my own team, it’d be a serious team.”

“[At the] start we’ll have Rashy. He’d make sure we blast out the blocks,” Anthony added. 

“Then we’ll have me. Third we’ll have Teds, Teden Mengi. 

“And then last, Jamo [Daniel James]. No one is beating us. It’s a very, very pacy team. We’ll have to sort it out – let’s chat to the coaches!”

Pace isn’t going to always be the core ingredient for a strong, attacking team, but it’s definitely the kind of benefit that you’d want to have within the context of a division as competitive as the Premier League. After all, some of the finest PL sides in history have been built off the back of that flair.

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