Barcelona president says Super League is “living project” that “UEFA cannot stop”

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has once again reaffirmed his belief that the Super League is still alive, claiming it is a “living project that UEFA cannot stop”.

The Super League initially sent shockwaves through football when it was announced in April, with 12 of Europe’s biggest clubs signing up.

It was a planned midweek competition that was to comprise of 20 clubs, with 15 of those ‘Founding Clubs’ who could not be ‘relegated’.

The proposals led to huge backlash from across the world of football, with players, managers and pundits showing their disdain.

UEFA threatened to ban any players competing in the Super League from playing in domestic competitions.

Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson said the proposals would “end 70 years of football history“.

Six of the clubs involved in the proposals were English – Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

Just days after the league was initially announced, all six clubs officially withdrew, along with Atletico Madrid, AC Milan and Inter Milan.

Premier League clubs later agreed in principle to an ‘Owners’ Charter’, which would see any of the six clubs involved in the initial proposals face a £25 million fine and 30-point deduction if they attempt another breakaway.

All that left just three clubs committed to the league – Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Laporta on Super League

Barcelona president Laporta has previously doubled down on his stance that the Super League does have a future – and has done so again this week.

Speaking yesterday to Esport 3 (via Football Espana), he said: “It’s a live project.

“The three clubs that defended it, we continue winning in the tribunals. UEFA cannot impede it. What happened could have been presented better.”

Last week, the three clubs involved hired a major PR firm to re-market the Super League.

As originally reported by the Daily Mirror, the PR team will start a campaign which will portray UEFA as an “abusive monopoly”, with the Super League plans being portrayed as “the only alternative that can save the sport”.

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