‘Big Tings Ah Gwarn’ — Tommy Brunning is ready to impress at Cage Warriors Academy South East 31

On June 10, Tommy Brunning will aim to show the world that ‘Big Tings Ah Gwarn’ when he defends his belt at Cage Warriors Academy South East 31.

In his second fight back after a string of injuries, the prospect will collide with undefeated Harry Myers at Colchester Charter Hall in a bout that fans can’t afford to miss.

Having showcased an incredible skill set, en route to compiling a 3-0 record, those in the trade are looking at him as a serious contender to go all the way. And with palpable charisma, he’s got the makings of a fighter capable of capturing the hearts of the fans.

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With his brother watching the UFC religiously growing up, but never actually trying the sport himself, Brunning decided to put him to shame.

Speaking exclusively to SPORF, he said: “He loved it his whole life. But me being me, I decided to give it a go and show him what we can do as a family.”

Despite only starting at 21, the natural athlete quickly caught up and excelled past his peers, having his first fight after just three months of training. Consequently, his sibling finally plucked up the courage to head to the gym too.

Brunning added: “He’s had a couple of fights now. He gave me the ‘Big Tings Ah Gwarn’ nickname. It means big things are happening for me. We both started calling me ‘Big Tings Ah Gwarn’, then it turned into ‘Big Tings’ and then ‘Tommy Big Tings’. Everyone in the gym calls me Big Tings.”

Tommy Brunning trains as hard as anyone in the UK

Having earned his place among a fierce stable at ‘Team Sure Grip’, the exciting up-and-comer is pushing his body to its limits.

He explained: “We have certain sessions, which we call ‘The Lions Den’. They are the fun sessions. People think they’re the dogs, but they get gut-checked. It’s a gym of hard work and no slacking off.

“We do a lot of shark tank training. We do short fire rounds and then straight onto the crash mats and then straight back onto rounds with a fresh man. So it’s nonstop.”

Tommy Brunning is ready for Cage Warriors glory

With a dream of winning The Cage Warriors professional title before heading to The UFC, the martial artist certainly has big aspirations. And his cheeky personality developed through growing up in an East-End family will undoubtedly resonate with the fight sports community.

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Speaking on his childhood, he laughed: “I was a bit of a loudmouth at school. I was the fun guy. I was a bit full of myself. That’s what it was like growing up with my family.

“When I moved to Essex, I took the East End with me. I was the rude kid in school. I pushed my limits, as most fighters do. That’s what I was like growing up.”

Tommy Brunning is thankful for his achievements with Cage Warriors

Despite not particularly enjoying school work, he’s showcased his brain power outside of the educational system, starting a building business with his brother and nephew as well as a clothing brand with his girlfriend, whom he credits for his success.

He confessed: “I don’t know if I could do it without her, to be honest with you. We’ve been together six years now, and when I get home, dinner is on the table.

“She knows the hard work I put in and that sometimes I’m not the nicest person when I get home. But she sees the vision. She knows Big Tings Ah Gwarn.”

Having started MMA in his twenties, the bantamweight has shown an understanding of the sport seldom seen in fighters of such little experience. Thus giving the impression that he has all the capability of making an enormous splash in the sport. And while such a meteoric rise could have caused most fighters to get ahead of themselves, it hasn’t with Brunning, as his relationship with God has kept him grounded.

“I’ve been studying my faith a lot more over the last six months. I’ve really gotten into it. It’s helped me with inner peace and dealing with the stresses of my life, especially with my businesses and fighting. God gives me strength and self-comfort as I do things to become a better person.

“As I get older, I’m becoming more mature and a better partner and fighter. I’ve got big ambitions, as I said, ‘Big Tings Ah Gwarn.”


Featured Image Credit: Cage Warriors