Boxing legend compares Logan Paul to Muhammad Ali

Logan Paul is one of the biggest stars on the planet, but comparing him to Muhammad Ali is a step too far or is it?

Since exploding onto the social media scene, ‘The Maverick’ has taken over, amassing 23.6 million YouTuber subscribers and starring in hit films like Baywatch.

His array of wild and wacky videos created enormous interest, with British sensation KSI taking note. Subsequently, ‘The Nightmare’ called out his arch-nemesis for the most significant event in internet history.

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After two impressive rounds, Paul gassed, leaving the door wide open for a resilient KSI.

The two traded leather for twelve more minutes before the judges scored the contest a draw, resulting in the world pleading for a second helping of the grudge match.

On this occasion, after scoring a knockdown, the Cleveland native made the grave mistake of hitting his grounded opponent. Shockingly, the referee made the call to take two points, which ultimately cost Paul the bout.

Despite the loss, the internet sensation bounced back, bagging an opportunity to share the ring with the legendary, Floyd Mayweather. And while he lost every single round, he left it all in the ring, leaving the all-time great with only positive things to say.

With his stock reaching incredible heights, the natural-born entertainer signed an unprecedented deal with the WWE. And he’s more than delivered on his potential. Despite having virtually zero experience, he’s thrilled fans with his awe-inspiring high-flying manoeuvres, most notably against Ricochet at the Royal Rumble.

However, he’s no Muhammad Ali.

Zab Judah compares Logan Paul to Muhammad Ali

With lightning hands, incredible skills on the mic and the strength to stand up for what he believed in, Ali might just be the greatest sportsman of all time.

While many remember him for lines like: “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” others recall his courage in standing up against the Vietnam War.

Therefore, from an achievement standpoint, he’s light-years ahead of Paul, but that hasn’t stopped Zab Judah from coming out with some interesting comments.

At the peak of his powers, the boxing icon won world titles in two weight classes, beating the likes of Cory Spinks and dropping Mayweather, even if it was incorrectly ruled a ‘slip’. We can’t deny that he knows what he’s talking about, so perhaps his statement has more validity than meets the eye.

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He told OLBG: “I stand by saying Logan Paul looked like a young Muhammad Ali. You’ve got to remember he’s a tall, sleek, slender guy – he gave me the Muhammad Ali vibes; I don’t care what nobody says. At that time, I came to see Logan Paul training in California at his house. He was moving like Ali.”

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