Brock Lesnar lifts up WWE ring with tractor in insane SummerSlam spot

The main event of WWE SummerSlam 2022 did not disappoint, with Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar putting on a show in their Last Man Standing match, including the use of a tractor.

The ‘Beast Incarnate’ pulled out all the stops in an attempt to win the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship from Reigns.

After Reigns made his heralded entrance to the ring, Lesnar strode out, meaning business. However, he then checked back, before re-emerging with a tractor.

We’ve seen some crazy props used in Last Man Standing matches in the past – Reigns and Kevin Owens battled with a forklift truck during last year’s Royal Rumble – but this perhaps topped the lot.

WWE fans didn’t have a clue what Brock Lesnar was going to do with the tractor, but it soon became pretty apparent.

Brock Lesnar uses tractor during WWE SummerSlam 2022

The first use of the tractor came early on in the match. Lesnar loaded Reigns into the shovel, before taking the wheel and then dropping him into the centre of the ring.

As the ‘Beast Incarnate’ continued to dominate proceedings, however, he had another trick up his sleeve.

After Reigns had again got back to his feet before the referee’s 10 count, Lesnar again took to the wheel of the tractor. This time, however, he had one of the craziest WWE spots ever seen in his mind.

Lesnar lowered the tractor’s shovel, driving it into the ring apron – physically moving the entire ring out of place. But that wasn’t the end of it. He then placed the shovel underneath the ring itself, which picked the ring up off the ground and sent it towards the commentary area at an angle.

The image of Reigns’ body rolling out of the ring and to the outside is undoubtedly one of the most iconic clips in WWE.

The ‘Tribal Chief’ eventually created history of his own, burying Lesnar under the rubble of tables, chairs and ring equipment to ensure he could not beat the count.

Roman Reigns is still Undisputed WWE Universal Champion – but he was made to work hard for it. Other spots in the match included Theory clobbering Reigns with his Money in the Bank briefcase, Lesnar F5’ing Paul Heyman through a table, and Reigns symbolically hitting Lesnar with both title belts. It was a match for the ages.

Featured Image Credit: WWE