Bukayo Saka is better than Marcus Rashford and Phil Foden, claims Emmanuel Frimpong

With Arsenal currently sitting atop the Premier League, ‘The Gunners’ look as good as ever, and one player, in particular, has stood out to Emmanuel Frimpong.

Like he has with most of the squad, Mikel Arteta has worked tirelessly to bring the best out of Bukayo Saka. And it’s fair to say, he’s had massive success. Through his manager’s guidance, the 21-year-old has unlocked new dimensions to his game, showcasing his lightning pace and outstanding footballing IQ.

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With 11 goals in 34 appearances, the 21-year-old is improving at a rapid rate, indicating that he hasn’t even touched his ceiling yet. However, Frimpong thinks Saka has already surpassed two of his England teammates.

Compared to a young Michael Essien, Frimpong looked destined for greatness. Possessing the strength of an ox and the skills of a player far beyond his years, Frimpong looked like a potential Arsenal legend. Alas, due to injury, he never reached his optimum ability. But regardless, with such talent for the game, his opinion must be taken into account.

Emmanuel Frimpong makes a huge statement

In an exclusive interview with BettingSites.co.uk, he confessed that he’d pick Saka over two of Manchester’s finest players.

He stated: “Bukayo Saka is better than Rashford and Foden all at their best, I would pick Bukayo Saka at his best because he is an all-around better player than Marcus Rashford and Phil Foden. Saka can defend, score goals and get assists. He helps his full-backs, dribbles very well and is versatile. I’d pick Rashford over Foden too, he’s not in the same class as the other two, but that might be because he’s playing with better players.”

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And if that wasn’t enough to irritate the Old Trafford faithful, he well and truly stuck the boot in with his follow-up comments.

Frimpong said: “Manchester United is definitely getting ahead of themselves if they actually think they can win the quadruple. I don’t think they will win any of the other trophies, they have no chance in the league. Manchester City will win the FA Cup, and Arsenal will win the Europa League. A trophy for Manchester United will be exciting for them because of how they’ve performed over the last few seasons. They’ve had some difficult moments, and sometimes it’s a good thing when fans are full of confidence. But in reality, we know that Manchester United will find it hard in the other competitions.”

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