Cadillac “super excited” for Andretti F1 tie-in – despite existing teams’ opposition

US carmaker Cadillac have expressed their excitement at plans to join the F1 grid in the future – even if the existing teams do not like it.  

Last week, Cadillac announced that they would partner Andretti Autosport with the aim of becoming a new Formula 1 team. Their partnership came to light shortly after the FIA began the “Expressions of interest” process for new teams.

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Andretti have previously discussed joining the F1 paddock as a new team in their own right. However, their past efforts fell on deaf ears. They, therefore, hope that a tie-in with one of the world’s biggest car manufacturers can provide further merit to any application.

Speaking on a virtual press conference for IMSA – an endurance racing series based in the US – Cadillac VP Rory Harvey expressed the brand’s view on potentially entering F1.

Cadillac: “long way to go” on F1 entry journey

“We’re super excited about the opportunity,” said Harvey, via a transcript from Speedway Media. “The process is in the very early stages and we’re looking to submit an expression of interest. From our perspective, it will complement what we do in this series (IMSA).”

When asked about the response to the Cadillac-Andretti F1 effort, the company VP did not provide a direct riposte.

“We think that in terms of the partnership between Andretti and General Motors/Cadillac, we have a very good proposition,” Harvey added. “We wouldn’t have gone forward in announcing our intent to submit an Expression of Interest if we didn’t think it fulfilled the requirements.

“From that point of view, there is a long way to go yet in that process. We’ll need to submit our Expression of Interest then see how it plays out.

“Internally, we’re super excited. I know from the Andretti organisation’s perspective they are super excited, too. We will do our best in terms of our Expression of Interest and be able to showcase what we could bring to F1.”

Unfortunately, the existing circle of F1 teams have not been welcoming to a potential new member.

Existing grid resist possible newcomers

Despite the FIA’s efforts to expand the grid, Formula 1 themselves are hesitant to add to the party. Following the Cadillac-Andretti announcement, an F1 spokesman warned that a new team had to be approved by themselves and the FIA. This includes the agreement of all teams, too.

Then, per Reuters (via ESPN), an anonymous senior of the F1 paddock made a bold comment. They claim that most of the existing grid are against any newcomer joining the paddock in the next few years.

About Cadillac specifically, though, the current squads are reportedly concerned that they will not fully commit to the sport. The teams allegedly believe that they will not be manufacturers as such, just provide “Cadillac” branding. Currently, the US squad’s prospective entry involves having an engine supplier – rather than building their own.

This frosty response prompted a furious reaction from Michael Andretti.

“It’s all about money,” said Andretti, via Sky Sports. “First, they are going to get one-tenth of their prize money diluted. But they also get very greedy thinking we will take all of the American sponsors, as well.

“It’s all about greed and looking after themselves. They are not looking at what is best for the overall growth of the series.”

The former racer then mentioned how Alpine and McLaren are the only “allies” to his company’s entry bid.

This battle will rumble on for a long time in the weeks and months to come. For now, though, fans must wait on the process of the US partnership’s Expression of Interest application.

If the FIA approve that, who knows what may happen in the future.  

Featured image credit: Andretti Global