Calum von Moger shows off brutal extent of injuries suffered after jumping out of window

Calum von Moger has taken to Instagram to release a video which shows the extent of the injuries he sustained after jumping out of a window.

Prior to the incident, which caused a team of medical experts to have to perform an operation on his back, the Australian endured a horrific spell. He suffered knee and bicep injuries which left him sidelined for a year before losing his California home to a fire.

In January, as per The Age, Von Moger was charged with affray, criminal injury and possession of drugs. The police allegedly found Von Moger in possession of cannabis, meth and testosterone.

He appeared at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court earlier this year. His next court mention was set for May 26. He pleaded guilty to possessing drugs, and was ordered to pay $500 to a court fund, as per News Australia.

His biggest heartbreak came when he tragically lost his beloved English Bull Terrier, Rex. The weightlifter explained the tragic story.

YouTube video

He said: “I left the house for 20 minutes to go to the store, and I guess he got into one of the rooms, and there was a bag of chips, and he choked on a chip. I came back, looked for him and found him on the floor with his head in the chip bag. I thought it was a bad joke, and then I went down, and I couldn’t do anything.”

Von Moger desperately tried to perform CPR before taking Rex to the vet. However, there was nothing they could do. To make matters worse, this occurred just a few weeks after he lost his rescue dragon lizard, Baz. The reptile passed away during a three-day power outage. That was preceded by heavy snowfall.

What happened to Calum von Moger?

The saddening sequence of events culminated in the 31-year-old jumping two stories. He was then placed in an induced coma. A source told the New York Post that he was kept in a coma for a long period of time over the risk of permanent brain damage.

Fortunately, Von Moger survived, and he’s posted images of the damage the fall inflicted on him.

Calum von Moger shows his injuries

In his first Instagram post since the incident, the weightlifter took a video and several photos which highlight painful-looking bruising, scarring and cuts.

The footage which Von Moger has taken from his hospital bed show he needed stitches to close wounds on his hands and arms. He also sustained a huge scar on his back.


Image Credit: Instagram / Calum von Moger

The athlete captioned the footage: “What waking up from a bad dream looks like.”

He added: “It’s nice to be alive.”

Von Moger also thanked all his supporters for their “well wishes and prayers” while he was in the hospital.

According to reports, he returned home in late May, and members of the public have seen him out walking without assistance.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / Calum von Moger