Chris Eubank Jr can beat Gennady Golovkin, according to former world champion

With his career on the line, Chris Eubank Jr, produced the performance of a lifetime to dispose of Liam Smith, and now he’s set his sights on boxing legend — Gennady Golovkin.

When the Brighton fighter set foot in the ring with his Liverpudlian rival, few gave him a chance at redemption. Having been dismantled in such devastating fashion the first time around, the general consensus was that his time at the top had come to an end and he’d succumb to Smith’s relentless pressure once again. But oh, how wrong they were.

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Under the tutelage of esteemed trainer Brian ‘Bomac’ McIntyre, who’s guided Terrence Crawford to the pound-for-pound top spot, Eubank Jr utilised his athleticism, combination punching and thunderous uppercut to demolish his opponent en route to a tenth-round stoppage.


But as is often the case in boxing, the fans are done celebrating his victory and are fixated on what’s next. And British boxing royalty, George Groves, has some interesting opinions.

Chris Eubank Jr vs Gennady Golovkin could come to fruition

Having gone toe-to-toe with Eubank Jr in the past, the former WBA super middleweight champion knows exactly what ‘Next Gen’ is capable of, thus giving him the capabilities on giving us a fascinating insight.

Speaking to BitcoinCasinos, he said: “Golovkin is a great fight. I’m not sure what he has left. It might be the right time to get him. He hasn’t boxed for a year now, and he’s just vacated one of his belts, so we’re not sure whether he’s accumulating injuries or Father Time has caught up with him. But that’s a fascinating fight, and it will probably be my preference out of the three.”

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He continued: “Golovkin is a career middleweight, a big name, has great boxing ability, and his boxing IQ’s not going to leave him. Maybe some of the athleticism has left him. But the ability to manoeuvre himself into position to make those subtle adjustments, and then to punch off of it. He’s one of the best to do it in this era. He has frightening punch power. So I think that makes for a great fight, because neither will want to give away free shots. Eubank doesn’t have that one-punch power. But if he’s a bit fresher than Golovkin and if he lands a decent body shot and then follows with three, four, five shots, it would be interesting. At the same time, can he sit in the pocket with Golovkin, and is Golovkin’s power still there?”

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