Chris Stringer compares Team Kaobon coach, Colin Heron, to Yoda, after emphatic Cage Legacy victory

With power and flare, Chris Stringer produced a performance of the ages at Cage Legacy 22, and he did so with a secret weapon in his corner, in the form of his Yoda-esque trainer Colin Heron.

On May 17 at The Dome at Grand Central Hall in Liverpool, the Northern Irishman set the world alight with a scintillating knockout that proved he’s still a massive player in the lightweight division. However, while his adoring fans watched in awe as he dismantled his opponent, they weren’t privy to the hard work and dedication he exhibited throughout his fight camp.

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Chris Stringer has Yoda in his corner

Dedicating his life to the craft he holds so close to his heart, the phenomenal athlete trains at Team Kaobon, the very same gym that guided Darren Till to UFC superstardom.

While the facility gives Stringer an opportunity to train alongside a plethora of gifted fighters, it’s the man at the helm, Colin Heron, who really makes the difference.

‘The Menace’ told Sporf: “I used to call him Yoda. I would ask him any scenario and any question, and he’d be like, ‘This, this and this,’ and I’d wonder, ‘How does he come up with it’? That man was built for one thing only: combat. From wrestling to striking, you name it, he can do it.”  

And as it turns out, Stringer has learnt how to use his master’s Jedi powers, with his pre-fight prediction, landing right on the money.

Stringer laughed: “I told you I don’t do ifs, buts and maybes. He flew from Brazil, he took a beating, and I left victorious. I told you this at the start, it’s not hard.”

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Chris Stringer mesmerised the crowd at Cage Legacy 22

With the dust settled, it’s clear that the warrior has plenty left in the tank. But before he sets foot back in the cage, he’ll head home to his doting wife, who also has a trick or two up her sleeve when it comes to martial arts.


The Team Kaobon star beamed: “She keeps me in line. My wife’s a purple belt as well. She’s a little bit slicker than me on the floor. She may not have been in that heel-hook position the way I was, but I’ll go home, have a pizza, have a drink, and just relax.”

Cage Legacy returns on July 27 at The Red Cow in Dublin.

Featured Image Credit: Chris Stringer / Cage Legacy / Star Wars