‘Conor Benn should not be in the ring’ — Boxing legend slams ‘The Destroyer’

Under extremely controversial circumstances, Conor Benn, returns to the ring tonight, and the boxing world isn’t happy.

In October last year, prior to a scheduled match-up with Chris Eubank Jr, the professional fighter tested positive for Clomifene, a drug which boosts Testosterone and masks other performance-enhancing substances. However, rather than pull the contest, his promoter, Eddie Hearn, tried to continue with his event, without the public ever finding out about the failed test.

Ultimately, things crumbled for Matchroom when The Daily Mail released the story.

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In the year since, Benn has given the fans very little to prove his innocence, with most purists believing he deserves to serve a ban. Regardless, despite not being cleared of taking performance-enhancing drugs, he is cleared to fight, in the US, at least.

Therefore, rightly or wrongly, the 26-year-old will make his comeback against Rodolfo Orozco. And a former world champion is not happy about it.


Paulie Malignaggi slams Conor Benn

Having reached the pinnacle of the sport without taking drugs, Paulie Malignaggi has a strong stance on cheating. However, having seen how corrupt the sport is, he has an interesting perspective on the whole situation.

Speaking to CasinoAlpha.com: “The conscientious part of me wants to say that Benn shouldn’t be in the ring until this whole thing is over. Of course, keeping in mind that money always buys you out of problems in this life, so he’ll probably end up being okay regardless. They’ll probably make it go away or say he was not guilty. But still, I think, just for the sake of doing things right, you shouldn’t be fighting until you finish the entire investigation and have a decree and have a decision made. 

“But then the other side of me, the realist side of me, the part of me that is in tune with reality –  even if it’s an uncomfortable reality – is probably like ‘Does it matter’? Everybody he’s going to have to face on the way up to get to a world championship is probably doping anyway. So, does it really matter? 

“These guys probably end up having to dope because they’re going to be facing guys as they move up the ladder who are also doping. So, therefore, are you putting your life at risk if you don’t dope against a doped-up fighter? And then you go down that rabbit hole. So it’s one of those things where, if you know too much like somebody on the inside like myself, then it’s almost like you want to wash your hands and leave the whole business.”

Paulie Malignaggi explains why fighters like Conor Benn get away with having performance-enhancing substances in their system

The Magic Man said: “I think the people at the very top know how big of a problem doping is. But they don’t care because athletes that are doped up break more records, accomplish more, and therefore, they become worth more. Therefore, their handlers make more money. At the very top, this isn’t an ignorant thing like they don’t know what’s going on.”

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He continued: “Boxing has probably the weakest of all the drug testing protocols, and I’m starting to wonder if even the fans care, certainly the media doesn’t care, because you’ve got fighters that have failed drug tests in their careers getting in the Hall of Fame on their first ballot, while in American baseball, for example, there are still guys who failed drug tests from back in the day that had Hall of Fame careers, who to this day still cannot get into Hall of fame, there’s a standard in American baseball. Boxing has no standard. It will never have any self-respect.

“It’s a multi-layered problem like an onion. I don’t think they even want to get started on peeling away the layers. So that’s why Conor Benn fights on Saturday. In some ways, it’s bad, and in some ways, it really doesn’t matter.

“He shouldn’t be in the ring until the investigation is done. But, like I said, even when the investigation is done, they wil probably make it go away regardless.”

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