Conor McGregor offers out Artem Lobov after revelation of second lawsuit for defamation

Conor McGregor admits he’d prefer to settle his grudge with his former friend, Artem Lobov, in the cage as opposed to the courtroom.

Earlier this week, the Irishman’s ex-sparring partner filed a lawsuit, seeking millions in restitution after claiming he was integral in the launch of McGregor’s Proper 12 Whiskey. The stunning turn of events shocked the MMA community. But that wasn’t the last of the legal claims, as Lobov quickly filed a second lawsuit for defamation of character.

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The Russian is after 5% of the $600 million majority stake that McGregor sold to Proximo Spirits — the same company that owns Jose Cuervo tequila. Lobov alleges he had made an agreement with his old training buddy, which wasn’t honoured after the finalisation of the sale.

McGregor scribed a tweet about the supposed second lawsuit.

He tweeted: “Artem is trying to sue me and my father for defamation now as well. Oh lord, God bless. Artem, you look like an uncooked sausage of a thing. Jump on the pan for minute pal. You look rough, mate. God bless ya pal.”

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Conor McGregor asks Artem Lobov to meet him for a fight

The Dubliner later recorded the following voice note: “This is a call out to Artem, the fanny, fairy pad, Lobov,” McGregor said. “I’m challenging you to a fight tonight 10:30 PM. I’ll meet you down at SBG Concorde, and we’ll fight for the whole lot. Going through having lawyers message me about defamation and all this suing and all.

“You’re a little blouse, mate. I’ll see you SBG Concord tonight at 10:30 p.m. and I’ll fight you for the whole lot. Answer this f****** call out, you little blouse.”

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The dispute has taken the internet by storm. A few years ago, Khabib slapped Lobov, so McGregor flew from Dublin to New York and put a dolly through a bus window in an attempt to get to ‘The Eagle’. But now, it appears their friendship is well and truly over, and things are only going to get worse.

Featured Image Credit: Conor McGregor