Conor McGregor on his best octagon performance

Conor McGregor has revealed that he believes his best UFC performance came against Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205.

McGregor, who lost to Dustin Poirier back at UFC 257, has had a few interactions with Alvarez as of late. ‘The Underground King’ questioned McGregor’s drive and determination to succeed in MMA during a recent interview, noting that Conor’s wealth could easily lead to a drop in motivation.

McGregor’s UFC legacy

McGregor didn’t seem too pleased with those remarks, with a much-anticipated trilogy fight with Poirier seemingly on the cards.

Following that, the Irishman had time to turn the focus back to his glory days in a reminiscing tweet on Sunday.

“Best I’ve felt – 170. Best record/run – 145. Best performance – 155. What does this tell me? I’ve no idea but I love it hahahahaah”.

The image Conor used is from his aforementioned UFC 205 main event against Alvarez. In that bout, which served as the main event of UFC’s debut show in New York City, McGregor easily beat Alvarez in two rounds to become a two-weight UFC champion.

His last few ventures at lightweight haven’t quite been so profitable, but this is the one many remember.

McGregor was precise, composed and unbelievably efficient with his striking on that night. Alvarez was tipped as being his toughest test to date but for whatever reason, that didn’t come to fruition.

Eddie now competes for ONE Championship whereas Conor’s future is up in the air.

As we’ve already said he’s eyeing up a trilogy showdown with Poirier and ‘The Diamond’ seems interested too. If he can win that, maybe ‘The Notorious’ really can try and secure a second run with the UFC lightweight title.

But if he loses, the Alvarez win could continue to become a distant memory.

Featured image credit: Getty