Conor McGregor trolls Dustin Poirier as The Diamond fights Staph infection

Conor McGregor made a very crude joke at the expense of Dustin Poirier, trolling him as the US MMA fighter fights a staph infection.  

Recently, “The Diamond” has shared posts on social media with fans stating that he is in hospital. ESPN reporter Brett Okamoto provided an update on the matter yesterday, via Twitter.

“Some context on Dustin Poirier’s IG posts,” wrote Okamoto. “[He] told me it’s staph, but he’s not responded to antibiotics over the last 24 hours. Undergoing further blood work now, hopefully, get some answers today.”

In response to the worrying news about his long-time rival, McGregor decided to make light of Dustin Poirier’s staph infection.

“Poirier has gonnorhea [sic] spread it around ahahhaahahah he’s a goner,” joked the Notorious on Twitter.

This recent comment is the latest in a flurry of exchanges between the two UFC stars. They have re-ignited their feud throughout the last few days on social media.

Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier re-start online arguments amid Poirier’s staph infection

When Poirier shared news of his hospital stay on Twitter, McGregor responded: “Heal up soon scruffy knickers”. The Irish star has since deleted this tweet (via Sportskeeda).

The American then responded to McGregor: “You done filming Roid House and ready to get slapped around again?”

On this occasion, Poirier referenced another dose of controversy surrounding the former double UFC champ. Last month, some in the UFC circle accused McGregor of taking steroids – hence the “Roid House” line.

However, McGregor strongly denied these allegations – although his decision to not be in the USADA testing pool arouses suspicion.

Nevertheless, Notorious followed up Poirier’s challenge with a stern warning (via Reddit).

“Ye I’m in Amsterdam, jacked like Van Damn,” he wrote. “You weren’t just hurt, pal. You were scared hurt. Don’t forget it. I’m coming back to put you in a box. Full of it. I’m sending you off this earth – permanent. Stay waiting for the road house as well pal, you and the missus will love it.”

All this online trash-talk has fuelled speculation of a fourth fight between the MMA fighters.

McGregor v Poirier: the story so far

This rivalry has spanned over eight years now and has produced some electric fights. Poirier and McGregor have already fought out a trilogy, though – so why do a fourth fight?

In their first match, the Irish UFC legend took the win via a first-round TKO. But Dustin Poirier responded from this first loss by beating McGregor in their next two fights.

At UFC 257, Poirier claimed revenge by taking a TKO victory over his rival. His right hook which sent McGregor to the canvas was a memorable one for many UFC fans.

Finally, at UFC 264, the American claimed the overall lead in their famous trilogy via dramatic circumstances. During the first round,  McGregor broke his left leg while stumbling backward. This caused a doctor’s stoppage, and Poirier officially won via TKO as a result.

This third fight left fans wanting more, though. So, maybe the pair will jump in the Octagon to settle their differences once more.

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