Daniel Podence responds to FA charge for alleged spitting at Brennan Johnson

Daniel Podence has made a clear statement on social media after the FA charged the Wolves player for a spitting incident.

In the closing moments of Wolves’ 1-1 draw against Nottingham Forest, VAR checked for an alleged spit. Footage showed that Podence had made a spitting motion at Forest striker Brennan Johnson.

Despite this, the video assistant could not see any clear footage that the Portuguese winger had actually completed the action. So, they elected against punishment.

Before the confrontation, Johnson had given the home side a 1-0 lead. However, Podence’s late equaliser saw the points shared at the City Ground.

Since then, the FA have decided to take retrospective measures on the goal scorers’ clash.

The FA Spokesperson announced the following: “Wolverhampton Wanderers FC’s Daniel Podence has been charged after the forward allegedly spat at an opposing player during the 90th minute.

“Nottingham Forest, Alan Tate, Pablo Sanz, and Daniel Podence have until Wednesday 12 April to provide their respective responses.”

This feisty match between Forest and Wolves saw numerous charges brought against members of both clubs.

Following the news, the Portuguese attacker did not want to wait to officially respond to the FA. Instead, Daniel Podence took to social media to share his views on the spitting charges.

Daniel Podence denies spitting allegations

In a post on his Instagram story, the Wolves player strongly said that he did not spit.

“As I have been accused of something I haven’t done, I will make it clear,” wrote Podence. “I DID NOT spit on Nottingham’s player.

“I’m telling the truth and I would never do such a thing, even more to a colleague. Thank you.”

Podence’s claims are also (partially) backed up by the alleged victim, Brennan Johnson. In an interview after the match, the Forest forward gave his thoughts on the incident.

“I think it’s just high emotions, especially in the game,” said Johnson, via BBC Sport. “I can’t remember it too clearly. But I remember what happened and I don’t want to talk too much on it, to be honest.

“I saw a similar sort of motion come from him, but at the end of the day, it didn’t happen. They had a look at it and that didn’t happen. So, it is what it is.”

Although, when speaking to Sky Sports, the Wales international gave a different perspective.

“I’m not going to allege that he did something he didn’t, but I felt like some kind of spit came towards my face,” said the Forest striker. “The referees have had a look at it and didn’t give a red card. So, it’s done now – I’m completely fine with it.”

What other charges have arisen from the Nottingham – Wolves game?

Aside from the Daniel Podence spitting incident, the FA have identified multiple infringements.

Firstly, Nottingham Forest themselves could face punishment due to their players surrounding the official. The likes of Man United have received punishments for this previously, which is typically a fine.

Elsewhere, both Wolves and Forest’s assistant managers earned violent conduct charges. Alan Tate and Pablo Sainz face punishment for their actions on the touchline during the 1 April game. This could result in a fine and/or pitch-side ban for the coaches.

Meanwhile, Daniel Podence could receive a six-match suspension if found guilty of spitting.

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