Does Andrew Tate fake his online persona? — His former sponsor, Sidekick Boxing, reveals all

To some, Andrew Tate is a hero; to others, he’s a vile misogynist, who’s plummeted to low levels in his bid for fame. But is the man we see on camera the same person behind closed doors?

Despite having a high-level kickboxing career and an entrepreneurial empire on his resume, for many years, the polarising character struggled to amass the notoriety his ego desired.

Thus, in a desperate attempt to climb the online ladder, he started making videos, voicing extreme opinions.

By encouraging men to embrace their masculinity, he developed a substantial following, inspiring his followers to head to the gym and make positive changes. But his reputation took a massive hit due to some of his more outrageous statements, which left the public questioning his morality.

Prior to his explosion, Tate made an enormous impact in the world of kickboxing, becoming a 3x ISKA champion and winning an Enfusion belt for good measure. With an array of vicious kicks and a sublime fighting IQ, he received plaudits from purists around the globe. But he couldn’t have done it without his dear friend and sponsor, Dan Knight.

The owner of Sidekick Boxing burst onto the scene with the intention of marketing his brand in creative ways. And what better way to stand out than to start working with one of the most polarising characters in the sport?


The pair devised a series of exciting ideas to promote the business, including Tate kicking straight through a baseball bat. Ultimately, through their endeavours, they developed a close friendship, and Knight has come forward to give his opinions on the case surrounding Tate.

Andrew Tate and Sidekick Boxing took over the world of kickboxing

He claims that his pal would fake conversations to promote Sidekick Boxing. His plan centred around convincing the public that the company did more for him than it actually did.

He’d write misleading messages to Knight on WhatsApp, urgently asking for money or flight tickets to get him home from a stranded country. He’d allege that the business had helped him before topping it all off by stating that Sidekick is the best sponsor ever.

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Knight says: “The bizarre tactics worked; other fighters would soon get in touch to be sponsored by the company.”

On another occasion, Tate threw large sums of cash in a bag claiming Sidekick paid him. Knight can prove this wasn’t the case.

The former fighter is in the midst of a sex trafficking investigation.

Based on their previous interactions, the business owner says: “Tate’s messages can never stand as evidence in court.

“Tate’s case is an unusual one. But for him to get a fair trial, only concrete evidence can be used.”

Knight’s explanation will likely fuel the combat sports star’s followers with joy, while his detractors will claim that this is clear evidence that Tate can’t be trusted.

Earlier today, the American-born influencer was released from house arrest, but we’re still a long way from a concrete verdict.

Featured Image Credit: Andrew Tate