Eden Hazard’s Top 5 Goals: A Journey Through Brilliance

Recently celebrating his 33rd birthday, Eden Hazard remains a shining star in the world of football. The Belgian wizard, known for his breathtaking skill and creative genius, has left an indelible mark with his top goals. As a tribute to his recent birthday and illustrious career, especially his time at Chelsea, let’s delve into his top five goals that exemplify his exceptional talent.

1. The Solo Spectacle Against Arsenal (2017)

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Eden Hazard’s solo goal against Arsenal in 2017 is etched in football history as a classic. Beginning in his own half, Hazard exhibited exceptional dribbling skills, evading multiple defenders before effortlessly slotting the ball home. This goal not only showcased his ability to change the game single-handedly but also stamped his authority as a top player in the league.

2. The Title-Deciding Curler Against Tottenham (2016)

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Hazard’s stunning goal against Tottenham in 2016 was pivotal, denying Spurs the Premier League title and handing it to Leicester City. His technical mastery was evident as he curled the ball into the top corner, displaying his flair for crucial game-changing moments.

3. The Anfield Stunner in the Carabao Cup (2018)

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In the 2018 Carabao Cup, Hazard dazzled at Anfield with a sensational solo goal. Weaving through the Liverpool defense with agility and finesse, he finished with a powerful strike, highlighting his unique combination of balance, speed, and strength.

4. The Europa League Final Masterclass (2019)

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In his final appearance for Chelsea, Hazard shone in the Europa League final against Arsenal. Scoring twice and assisting once, he was instrumental in Chelsea’s victory, leaving a lasting legacy and demonstrating why he’s one of the game’s greats.


5. The Cheeky Backheel Against West Ham (2016)

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Against West Ham in 2016, Hazard’s ingenuity was on full display. His audacious backheel to outwit the defense was a testament to his creative flair and confidence, encapsulating his playful yet effective approach to the game.

Eden Hazard’s career, especially at Chelsea, is marked by moments of sheer brilliance. His top goals reflect not only his skill and creativity but also his ability to bring joy and artistry to the game. Hazard’s legacy as a football icon is undeniable, inspiring future generations with his exceptional talent and memorable performances.