Exclusive: Claudio Castagnoli Reveals BCC Have ‘Crazy’ Ideas For Anarchy In The Arena

Claudio Castagnoli is promising to bring the mayhem to Anarchy In The Arena this Sunday at AEW Double or Nothing.

As if the match was in need of any extra carnage.

Last year, if you recall, Castagnoli’s Blackpool Combat Club stable mates went to war with the Jericho Appreciation Society in the very first AITA. Everything from mustard to, erm, gasoline was used as a weapon but ultimately the BCC came up short.

A year later, BCC go to war again. Only this time with the Ring of Honor Champion in their ranks. And Castagnoli wants to make the most of his first load of anarchy.

Chaos and Crazy Ideas

The artist formerly known as Cesaro has emerged victorious in big, bloody, multi man outings for BCC already. Who could possibly forget the visual of the freshly rechristened Claudio Castagnoli swinging a petrified Chris Jericho over the edge of the Blood and Guts cage en route to victory against JAS last summer?

And now, big Claud’ wants more of that. The Elite – BCC’s opponents this Sunday night in Las Vegas – should consider themselves warned.

“I remember watching last year’s Anarchy In The Arena match and it was just 100% pure chaos,” explains the 42-year-old during an exclusive interview with SPORF earlier this week.

Infamously, towards the end of last year’s claret soaked anarchy, Eddie Kingston, Castagnoli’s long-term arch nemesis from his ROH days, waded down to the ring, wide eyed and maniacal, to turn Chris Jericho into a human s’more.

“That made it so much fun to watch because it made it like a car crash, where you don’t know where to look. Everywhere you looked there was just mayhem. That’s what makes this type of match so special.”

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While Kingston will be nowhere to be found during this year’s match, the madness will remain, assures Castagnoli.

“I think all the viewers are going to get a similar experience this year because there’s some crazy ideas from my teammates already. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I’m really excited to be in the match.

“In true BCC fashion, everybody’s trying to outdo each other. We have a few things up our sleeves and I think that’s what makes us as a group so effective, is that we all try to one up each other in competition and we don’t really care about hurting each other’s feelings while doing it.

Providing a Service

On Sunday night in Las Vegas, the BCC will be looking to hurt a lot more than feelings when they take on Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and ‘Hangman’ Adam Page at the T-Mobile Arena.

The faction, once helmed by the legendary William Regal, has recently taken on a more villainous approach, having been fan favourites since their inception. Although the ROH Champion doesn’t necessarily believe the Blackpool lads have been handling their business any differently than usual.

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“I mean, perspective, right? We’re just doing what the Blackpool Combat Club has always done and is supposed to do and that is bring out the best in people.

“I think we’ve succeeded at that. The Elite have been squabbling among themselves for almost two years or something. So just to be on a similar level to us they had to group back up. I like to think we provided a great service to them.”

At Double or Nothing, Claudio Castagnoli and co. will look to provide the service they so often do at every AEW PPV. Steal the show and give us yet another violence filled demolition derby.

AEW Double Or Nothing is available to stream on PPV via FITE TV

Featured Image Credit: AEW