F1 pundit claims Prime Lewis Hamilton beats prime Michael Schumacher

In the sport of F1, Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher have cemented their places among the greatest competitors of all time.

With incredible talent and an unrivalled will to win, the two legends have given the fans moments they’ll remember for the best of their lives. But as is the nature of competition, the purists will always debate over which one had the edge, and former Jordan Grand Prix team owner and now pundit, Eddie Jordan, has revealed that he’d side with the Brit.

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Lewis Hamilton vs Michael Schumacher

Speaking to OLBG, he said: “Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher were from different eras in their peak. I’d hate to see them battle because it would be fireworks. Schumacher would stick his elbows out more than Hamilton, but Hamilton has that extra piece of control. If it was over six races, then I’d say it would be 3-3. I’ll stick my neck out and say that Hamilton just about edges Schumacher if they were both driving in the same car.”

In addition, he discussed the special relationship between Hamilton and Ferrari.

He added: “Formula 1 needs Lewis Hamilton in a Ferrari, and Ferrari needs Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton should look to go to another Championship-winning team, but the drama is who is going to move aside? Red Bull would not let Sergio Perez for Hamilton because they try to encourage drivers who have been through their teams to try and reach the top like Max Verstappen did.

“Hamilton is a McLaren man, but I can’t see him going back there because of the position they’re in. The only other places I see Hamilton going is Ferrari or staying at Mercedes. At the moment, there’s no contract signed, and Toto Wolff said if he was Hamilton he would consider leaving. What would I be thinking if I was Hamilton, am I really loved here? What is actually happening at Mercedes? I’m not in the thick of things like I used to be. I don’t know Wolff’s point of view on the situation, but I believe when he says he wants Hamilton to stay. But the Mercedes is not good enough for Hamilton.”

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