Fan videos capture Richarlison antics during North London Derby

Despite only making a late substitute appearance in the North London Derby, Spurs forward Richarlison certainly managed to get people’s attention with his actions throughout the game.

The Brazilian had a handful of clashes during Sunday’s match, with two occurring whilst he was on the touchline.

Richarlison ultimately cut a frustrated figure as Spurs lost the second North London Derby of the season. With this 2-0 win, Arsenal swept their rivals in the Premier League for the first time since 2013/14.

However, shocking scenes from the stands, such as a “fan” kicking Aaron Ramsdale, have taken away from the game itself.

Now, videos on social media have shown that Richarlison was not in a friendly mood on Sunday, either.

Richarlison: his side-line incidents from the North London Derby

As mentioned earlier, the Spurs striker did not even start against Arsenal. But he likely proved a distraction from the side of the pitch.

A video from Barstool football showed Richarlison’s apparent frustration on the touchline. As he warmed up, the Brazilian stopped and stood right next to Arsenal’s Takehiro Tomiyasu. Tomiyasu was at the end of the Gunners’ warm-up area on the side of the pitch.

Despite this, Richarlison attempted to go past the defender as Arsenal had a throw nearby. When Tomiyasu put an arm out to stop him, the Brazilian slapped it away furiously. Clearly, irritation at his team’s on-pitch performance was getting to Richarlison.

Elsewhere, when warming up once more, the Brazilian had a humorously cold interaction with compatriot Gabriel Martinelli. The Arsenal winger jogged over to take a corner, behind which Richarlison was stretching.

Seeing his national team teammate, Martinelli hung out a hand for a fist bump. But the Spurs star was not interested. He stared deadpan at Martinelli’s request, frostily blanking his Selecao counterpart.

It was a wonderfully awkward interaction that the Spurs faithful at that end of the ground enjoyed. Richarlison did not cover himself in glory when he eventually made it onto the pitch, though.

Spurs star’s post-match actions as fan kicks Aaron Ramsdale

Already 2-0 down from the first half, manager Antonio Conte introduced the £60 million summer signing at 70 minutes to get Spurs back in the game. Sadly, he was unimpactful as Tottenham succumbed to another loss against their rival.

At full-time, Arsenal keeper Ramsdale – like any other player would – punched the air in celebration. He had been pivotal for the Gunners; Ramsdale made seven saves in a fantastic individual performance.

However, the visiting keeper also turned round to the Spurs fans at the final whistle and kissed the Arsenal badge. This bit of teasing did not go down well with the crowd. It also irked Richarlison, though.

He came back towards Ramsdale, barging into the keeper whilst shaking a finger at him angrily. The Brazilian then shoved the Arsenal goalie away from the fans – but Ramsdale needed to collect his water bottle.

As Ramsdale pointed to his bottle and calmly tried to walk to his things, Richarlison pushed him in the face. Security separated the pair following this as the Spurs man looked to complain to officials.

The most shocking incident came just moments later. When the England keeper picked up his water bottle, a member of the Tottenham crowd stood on the advertising board and kicked Ramsdale in the back.

This person then disappeared back into the stands before stewards could get to him.

Since these events, the PFA, FA, and Spurs have all released statements about the unacceptable violence from fans. Whoever kicked Aaron Ramsdale surely faces a lifetime ban from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

This fan was not alone in his frustration, though; Richarlison seemed ill-tempered throughout the North London Derby.

Featured image credit: Getty