FIFA 22 beta ‘leaks’ could offer first glimpse at upcoming game

The beta for the upcoming FIFA 22 game was released yesterday – and a series of ‘leaks’ have given us a glimpse into possible new features.

EA have revealed very little about FIFA 22 so far, apart from the fact that it will be released on next-generation consoles.

FIFA 21 was made available for next-gen late in 2021, although it was initially only released on what was then current-gen consoles.

Twitter user @KingLangpard has posted a series of images of the newly-released beta, including some never-before-seen features.

One of these appears to be the inclusion of a heat map for each player in the game.

The user says that there is a statistic that references expected goals. xG is an increasingly popular way to measure the quality of player performances.

@KingLangpard also said that player switching has been changed, and the second man press isn’t as powerful as it once was.

He suggests that crossing and heading are two of the most powerful areas of the new game so far.

The menu layout of the new was also leaked by the same user:

Overall, the menu looks very similar to last year. Tiles that adorn the lower section of the menu are seemingly in the same positions.

The only major difference appears to be the colours, with purple featuring much more prominently.

Shortly after the leaks were posted, it was reported that the beta playtest for creators had been cancelled. There has been no information about when or whether it would resume in the future.

Featured Image Credit: Getty