FIFA 23 officially the most popular worldwide game of 2023

FIFA 23 has officially taken the accolade of ‘The Most Popular Game Of 2023’, just edging out a valiant attempt from Hogwarts Legacy.

In a year that featured an array of popular releases, it was EA Sports’ number-one title that emerged as the winner. That’s right, while a plethora of popular games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Marvel’s Spiderman 2, hit the shelves, nothing could deter everyone’s favourite football game from claiming the gold medal.

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Despite the various bugs and sweaty goals that users complain about on a yearly basis, nothing ever actually stops them from picking up the latest copy. FIFA 23 released on September 30, 2022, with millions of customers around the globe picking up their copy on day one, with many others putting it on their Christmas lists.

And as exhibited by a recent study, conducted by Casino US, the public kept popping their discs into their PlayStations throughout 2023 in humongous numbers to battle their online foes on the football field.


The organisation analysed the Twitch followers and average global Google monthly search volume of 2023’s biggest titles to reveal their popularity ranking. 

Taking each game’s most up-to-date Twitch followers and average Google monthly search volumes, the index study is weighted by each factor with scoring out of 100. 

Scoring 88.98 out of 100 with 3,424,159 Twitch followers, FIFA 23 topped the list, with Hogwarts Legacy coming in at second with an impressive score of 87.98 with 3,424,159 Twitch followers.

You can look at the full list below:

FIFA 23 tops the table of the most popular games of 2023

Rank – Overall Title Index – Overall Twitch followers AVG Monthly search volume 
1 FIFA 23 88.98 3,424,159 2,391,804 
2 Hogwarts Legacy 87.98 594,342 6,313,462 
3 Elden Ring 80.93 1,326,671 2,080,992 
4 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 75.89 736,109 1,879,495 
5 Starfield 71.10 113,720 3,723,712 
6 Resident Evil 4 66.33 374,183 1,121,390 
7 Diablo IV 64.30 693,999 568,813 
8 EA Sports FC 24 63.61 837,114 451,687 
9 Street Fighter 6 60.98 332,356 679,380 
10 The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom 59.89 281,573 678,620 
11 Mortal Kombat 1 58.82 138,656 

Featured Image Credit: EA Sports