From fleeing Zimbabwe on the brink of civil war to fighting at Hexagone MMA 10 — Meet Walter Gahadza

From the day he was born, Walter Gahadza has been a warrior, and at Hexagone MMA 10, he’ll look to showcase his fighting spirit in one of the most beautiful arenas on the planet.

In just a matter of hours, ‘The Sniper’ will walk to the cage at the Ancient Theatre in Orange, France. The spectacular outdoor venue will give the privileged martial artists a spectacular setting to exhibit their skills under the stars of the night sky. But Gahadza isn’t phased by the occasion.

To its core, fighting is a gladiatorial sport, in which two men bravely set foot in the centre of the cage and battle it out for supremacy. However, having overcome so much adversity in his life, the 35-year-old has developed a perspicacious mindset, allowing him to see through the glitz and glamour and focus on the challenge ahead of him.


Speaking exclusively to Sporf, he said: “We’re two normal guys in there. We’re human beings with feelings. The whole Roman theatre and the effect are external things. It’s exciting, though. We all have our reasons and inspirations that drive us to compete.”

Gahadza’s mental determination stems from his younger years in Zimbabwe, in which he watched his parents do their utmost to secure him a better life.

Walter Gahadza has endured an incredible road to Hexagone MMA 10

While the sportsman was only young when he moved to the UK, he can still recall what it was like to be in a country on the brink of civil war.

Gahadza reminisced: “It was tough. I remember there being a really hostile atmosphere in the country with two parties at loggerheads. People were being physically abused, and it was worrying for my mum and dad. They worked incredibly hard to get everyone to the UK. Huge credit to my parents. The sacrifice they made and continue to make to this day means the world to me and the rest of my family.

“They’ve been there for me in my career from the start. My Mum chooses not to be there physically. But she believes in me and my talent and work ethic.”

Upon moving to Southend on Sea, Essex, the natural athlete initially struggled with the cold before gravitating towards sprinting. However, his life changed forever when he walked through the doors of the MMA gym.

With God-given gifts, he quickly rocketed up the rankings, going 16-0 as a professional. Utilising his lightning hands and fighting spirit, he fought across Europe, picking up wins in promotions like Bellator, BAMMA and UWC.

And even after going on a run of losses, he never lost faith in his dream, remaining determined to make it to the top no matter what.

Walter Gahadza is one of the best fighters in Hexagone MMA

With his career on the line, he flew to Dusseldorf, Germany, to fight Robert Oganesyan at EMC 10. And when it mattered most, Gahadza rose to the occasion, bagging a first-round submission victory.

The astonishing showing sent shockwaves through the welterweight division and captured the attention of Hexagone MMA.

The rising promotion was so impressed, they granted the Brit a shot at their vacant 170-pound strap against Aymard Guih.

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In a thrilling opening segment, Gahadza took his opponent to the canvas, dominating him with vicious ground and pound. Alas, in a moment that showcases the fine margins at the highest level of the sport, Guih reversed the position and locked in a tight rear naked choke.

Consequently, the Southend star is desperate for his shot at redemption.

He asserted: “My evaluation is irrelevant now. It’s what’s driven me and my team to tweak. It’s like going for another diagnosis. It will be evident in the next bout. Aymard Guih is someone who’s in my plans and my inspiration too. I’d love another crack at him. Why not?”

But before he gets his hands on the champion, he’ll first have to deal with Soufiene Oudina. And Gahadza is taking the dangerous submission artist very seriously.

The MMA star concluded: “He brings an entertaining style that will bring ‘The Sniper’ out of me. It’s what makes it exciting. He’s well-rounded. I’ve been in the GB Top Team lab for a significant amount of time now. I’m Sniper 2.0.” 

You can watch Gahadza’s fight at Hexagone MMA 10 live and exclusively on BT Sport tonight.

Featured Image Credit: Hexagone MMA