Gary Pallister reveals whether Manchester United will sign Jude Bellingham

Old Trafford icon, Gary Pallister, has given an interesting breakdown as to why Manchester United may struggle to secure the services of Jude Bellingham.

While Erik ten Hag has made huge waves since his arrival at The Theatre of Dreams, the club is still a long way from the peak of the mountain it stood atop for so many years.

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In a frank conversation with, Pallister confessed that the club’s current reality may hinder the side’s chances of peaking Bellingham’s interests.

He said: “The problem that United have got is in this moment, unfortunately, is whilst United have sat at the top of the table, that’s not the case at the moment. We’re not in the Champions League. We are a club that is trying to build again to get back up there. If you’re Jude Bellingham, you’ve got the choice of every top club in Europe, so we aren’t in that same fortunate position that and haven’t been for a long time.

“He will want to be playing Champions League football. You listen to Declan Rice and he’s been chatting to players in the England camp playing Champions League football, and it’s the place to be. You want to go and win those big trophies, and at this moment in time, Manchester United is not the shining star that it has been. You’d always have said that you’d be a fool not to join Manchester United, up there with Barcelona and Real Madrid, but now Man City is there.

“Chelsea is up there, Newcastle is going to be up there very shortly. There are a lot of different options for someone like Jude Bellingham. I’d absolutely love to see Bellingham at Manchester United, but is it a possibility? I’m not so sure.”

Does Gary Pallister believe a top four finish could result in Jude Bellingham signing on the dotted line?

When asked whether a Champions League place could make a difference, the United hero answered in the affirmative.

He confirmed: “It strengthens their hand and is so important. We are trying to build something and have not yet reached the heights that we have previously achieved, and it has been a while since we made a concerted effort at the title. Bellingham has got to look at those things and if he wants to go somewhere to win trophies. At this moment, there are better options out there to do so.”

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He continued: “We’ve got a renaissance happening now under Ten Hag. I think he’s had a positive impact on the team and winning and drawing games that we would have lost or drawn last year, and I think he’s brought in discipline to the dressing room. But it’s still a work in progress and not a seamless thing. We’re looking for a centre-forward to replace Ronaldo, and hopefully, that can be done in the transfer market.

“Anthony Martial, if he’s fit and happy, can fill that void as he’s a dangerous player on his day. But he’s had an up-and-down career. But Ten Hag seems to have a connection with him that’s getting the best out of him. If we can keep him fit, he’s going to be a danger. But we still need a back-up.”