George Russell & Lando Norris reach 100 races: How their F1 careers compare

Two of Formula 1’s most talented racers have reached a big milestone in their careers. George Russell and Lando Norris will both hit the 100 Grand Prix starts mark at this weekend’s US Grand Prix – but how do their century of races compare?

Although the British pair both arrived on the grid at the start of the 2019 season, they joined in vastly different situations. Norris, a McLaren junior driver, earned promotion into the Woking-based F1 squad. At the time, McLaren were a solid midfield runner.

Meanwhile, Russell joined the grid with Williams as they sat firmly as the backmarkers of the field. As a result, the duo’s rookie seasons looked vastly different. Lando Norris finished with 49 points in 2019, whereas George Russell was the only driver to not score a point that year.

Mercifully, though, the seasons that followed saw both drivers showcase their talent to the world. Fast forward to now, and the pair of Brits are fighting at the front, competing for podiums and even race wins.

But what do the stats say about the first 99 races in the careers of Lando Norris and George Russell?

George Russell: career stats ahead of his 100th GP

Wins: 1
Pole Positions: 1
Podiums: 10
Career points total: 426
Highest Championship finish: 4th (2022)

*stats as of 20/10/2023

Having spent his first three years at a back/middle of the grid team, George Russell has still amassed some solid stats from his first 99 races.

Of his ten career podiums, nine have come with Mercedes. However, his one with Williams – which came from the rain-hit 2021 Belgian GP – was incredibly impressive.

The Brit put together an unbelievable lap during a wet qualifying to qualify P2. This performance on Saturday ultimately secured his first career podium, thanks in part to the torrential downpour.

Russell’s move to Mercedes in 2022 finally gave him the chance to prove his worth in a competitive car. Even with the Silver Arrows’ woes with the new regulations, Russell outperformed seven-time champion teammate Lewis Hamilton.

He outscored his compatriot, earning a career-high P4 in the standings.

Overall, Russell’s early career at Williams has arguably left him with lower stats than his talent merited.

Lando Norris: Career stats ahead of his 100th GP

Wins: 0
Pole Positions: 1
Podiums: 11
Career points total: 564
Highest Championship finish: 6th (2021)

*stats as of 20/10/2023

A brilliantly consistent driver, Norris has allowed McLaren to emerge from the midfield to challenge at the front once more.

Unlike George, Lando secured his first career F1 podium in just his second season. He has since added to this to be one ahead of his fellow 2019 rookie. Five of these top three finishes have come in 2023, where Norris’ mega pace has been on show for all to see.

His regular points-scoring ability has allowed Lando to massively outscore George throughout their early careers. There is one stat where George Russell still leads Lando Norris, though; the McLaren star just cannot get that first victory.

Norris has finished second on five occasions, tantalisingly close to the top step. Also, some late-race drama in the 2021 Russian Grand Prix saw the Brit lose the lead on an increasingly wet track.

Who has had the better career thus far?

It is hard to differentiate between the two overall. George Russell has had the highest highs – a podium with Williams, a higher Championship finish (P4 in 2022 compared to P6 in 2021 for Lando), and of course that all-important Grand Prix win.

However, Norris has remained a reliable figure throughout his time with one team. The McLaren racer has also scored significantly more points in his career.

Additionally, he has proved devastatingly fast and largely able to avoid costly errors. Even this season, in an inferior car, Lando has been the closest challenger to Max Verstappen at certain races.

More than anything, it will be brilliant to see Lando Norris and George Russell racing wheel-to-wheel in their next 100 F1 races.

Featured image credit: Getty