Georges St-Pierre reveals what McGregor must do to defeat Poirier

Georges St-Pierre has revealed what he thinks Conor McGregor needs to do in order to beat Dustin Poirier again.

Over the years GSP has seen a parade of fighters and champions come through the UFC ranks across two or three generations. While he was always able to stay at the top of the mountain, that hasn’t been true for everyone.

The GSP view

McGregor is still the biggest star in mixed martial arts and there’s no way of getting around that. However, his loss to Dustin Poirier back in January highlighted a few key weaknesses in his game.

Some have gone down the route of suggesting form is temporary and class is permanent, but most sceptics aren’t going to believe that unless the Irishman can beat Poirier in their impending trilogy fight.

During a recent interview with ESPN, St-Pierre weighed in on the whole situation.

“It is imperative if Conor wants to get back on the road to success, he needs to get out of his comfort zone. He needs to not be the boss of the training camp.”

This comes after reports suggested McGregor tends to run the show during most of his training camps.

“He needs his coaches to tell him, ‘You need to spar this guy, you need to go there and do this.’ Even if it doesn’t please him, he needs to go through that. Because if you can stay in your comfort zone, the only thing that can happen is you will go down. You need to do that.”

While there’s probably not many people in the position to give McGregor advice on how he should approach fights, GSP is definitely one of the few that has the kind of authority that makes him worth listening to.

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