Ghana coach takes controversial selfie with a distraught Son Heung-min

After losing a World Cup match, the last thing you want is to pose for a selfie with one of the opposition’s coaches, but that’s precisely what Son Heung-Min has just had to do.

On November 28, Ghana produced an incredible victory against South Korea. After going 2-0 up, they allowed South Korea to claw their way from the depths of destruction, before ultimately feeding the ball to Mohammed Kudus, who scored the winner.

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After losing to Portugal in the opening fixture, Ghana needed a significant result, as, without it, they would’ve kissed their hopes of making the last-16 goodbye. And while South Korea is still in the running, the outcome of the match is damaging, to say the least.

Despite securing a draw against Uruguay, the ‘Taegeuk Warriors’ sit bottom of Group H. Unsurprisingly, this reality rendered Son devastated, and he let his emotions out on the pitch for all the world to see. But rather than offer his sympathies, a Ghana coach had another idea.

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Ghana coach takes selfie with Son Heung-Min

Spotting a once in a lifetime opportunity, the Ghanian whipped out his phone for a quick snap before the player dropped to his knees in devastation.

The stunning turn of events has left some fans outraged.

One commented: “Same vibes as Salt Bae wanting a picture with an injured Mohamed Salah.”

While another tweeted: “He’s got no shame.”

However, others view the coach’s antics as rather funny

An amused fan commented: “I know he’s sent this in his WhatsApp group chat.”

While another endorsed his actions: “I’m all for s**thousery like this, to be honest.”

Featured Image Credit: BBC