Greatest PSG kits: Les Parisiens’ top 5 shirts of all time

French giants PSG have enjoyed some truly spectacular kits throughout their history, making it incredibly difficult to pick their top 5 greatest. Nevertheless, we have tried to anyway – and here are our choices.

The Parisian club have generally made an effort to stick with the colours of the French “Tricolor” on their strips; blue, white and red. As a result, most of their home and alternate shirts have any one of these colours as their primary shade.

But do not think that this colour limitation has resulted in a lack of creation. A collection of brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Le Coq Sportif, and Jordan, have all brought their very best ideas to the fashion capital of the world.

However, only a select few of the plethora of PSG kits can make the top 5 greatest – in our opinion, of course.

#5: 2006/07 Away

In the mid-2000s, PSG paid tribute to one of the most iconic fashion houses founded in the same city they call home – Louis Vuitton.

The classy maroon with gold trim was a colourway straight from the LV playbook. Additionally, Nike’s decision to pattern the shirt with small Eiffel Tower icons and PSG lettering screamed the style of the French designer brand. Even the Paris Saint-Germain logo was not safe, leaning into the design further.

However, Nike’s trademark swoosh and the Fly Emirates sponsor sat brightly in white on the kit – reminding you that this is still a football shirt after all.

This strip came from a forgettable season for Les Parisiens. They finished 15th in Ligue 1 and coupled this disappointment with zero success in cup competitions. Despite this, the away shirt from 2006/07 has gone down as a football shirt collector’s must-have.

#4: 2002/03 Home

Next up on the greatest PSG kits ever is a strip that saw fan favourite Ronaldinho’s last campaign in Paris. Before his 2003 move to Barcelona, the Brazilian maestro sported this stylish Nike shirt.

PSG have often played around with the red, vertical stripe on their home strip – but this one seemed just right. It ran down from the left shoulder, perfectly housing the club crest and thus drawing attention to it. Meanwhile, the rest of the shirt was an understated navy plus had an uncluttered collar.

Sadly, fresh off his 2002 World Cup triumph, Ronaldinho could not lead Paris to silverware in this season. His time in the French capital has served to elevate the status of this particular kit, though.

#3: 2018/19 European Home

We had to include a Jordan kit on this list, didn’t we? In 2018/19, the “Jumpman” brand brought a blackout shirt that is certainly one of the greatest PSG kits that we have seen.

One of two Jordan European kits in 2018/19, this dark base had clearly contrasting elements. For instance, a white stripe ran down the centre of the jersey. But the Fly Emirates sponsor broke up the continuity in the middle nicely. A white, stenciled PSG crest and Jordan logo then sat on either side of the chest.

The only real disappointment about this jersey was that it never got much on-pitch action. PSG solely utilised it during their 2018/19 European campaign.

#2: 2019/20 Third

Oh so close to greatness – that is the feeling for both this kit and the side that wore it.

The 2019/20 third earns a spot on the greatest PSG kits list as arguably the best iteration of a classic Parisian look. The Ligue 1 giants have often worn white with a blue/red stripe, yet this is the best of the lot.

Nike opted to keep a thin red/navy stripe off-centre on the shirt, avoiding the temptation of a central stripe. As a result, the classic, polo-style collar has a bit more a pop to it, despite being white like the rest of the shirt.

This kit enjoyed frequent runouts as PSG took home a Ligue 1 title. They also came within touching distance of a first-ever Champions League crown. Sadly, Bayern Munich defeated them 1-0 in the Final.

Just like this strip, the 2019/20 Paris Saint-Germain side were mightily close to glory.

#1: 1995/96 Home

Surely this is the quintessential PSG shirt, right? Nike’s unreal effort from the mid-1990s earns our pick at No.1 of the greatest PSG kits.

Like numerous jerseys on this list, a solid, vertical stripe runs down the centre of the shirt. This time, though, Nike has made the red with white section very wide. Despite this, the iconic “OPEL” sponsorship lays on top of the stripe, with the Nike logo and PSG badge (partially) outside it, too – and all combine beautifully.

A slick, blue/red crossover collar adds to the effortless, 90s vibe of the kit.

It is definitely easier to pick a shirt where the team wearing it has won silverware, too. This decade was successful for PSG, with 1995/96 no different. Les Parisiens enjoyed success in the French Super Cup, then followed this up with victory in the European Cup Winners’ Cup.

Featured image credit: Getty