Great Britain’s Gus Kenworthy suffers horrific crash during halfpipe skiing final

Team GB’s Gus Kenworthy endured a horrific crash during the final of the men’s halfpipe skiing competition at Beijing 2022 – but remarkably still managed to complete his run.

Kenworthy was positioned in eighth place heading into his third and final run, with the chance of a Winter Olympic medal still open.

Under challenging conditions, the 30-year-old was gearing up to ski for the final time in his career. He had announced his retirement before the Winter Olympics began.

Kenworthy successfully navigated the first wall of the course before approaching the second. However, during his subsequent landing, he smashed his back against the top of the wall before sliding back down.

The crash looked horrific, and there were audible gasps as he landed. The slow-motion replay showed that his lower back took most of the impact.

Thankfully, Kenworthy was able to get to his feet. In addition, he then managed to complete his run. Even though he looked a little disheartened at its conclusion, the 30-year-old can still be proud of his efforts.

It was an emotional Games for Kenworthy. In 2019, he elected to ski for Great Britain, having previously represented the United States. He did so to honour his mother, who was born in Liverpool.

New Zealand’s Nico Porteous won the halfpipe freestyle skiing final. Kenworthy eventually finished in eighth position.

Kenworthy reflects after heavy crash

Gus Kenworthy
Image Credit: Getty

Speaking to Eurosport after the crash, Kenworthy admitted that he is “happy to be walking”.

He explained: “It wasn’t the run I wanted to do. Considering the conditions, I still had more that I wanted, but after that bad slam I am happy to be walking and land the run and getting through it in one piece.

“It is a good show despite how gnarly it is out there. In skiing, wind is the biggest factor we face.

“Snow, you can deal with, even if a course is not to your liking you can adapt, but when it is windy – especially when it gusts – it is out of your control and is a luck game.”

Featured Image Credit: BBC Sport