Has Dillon Danis taken his trolling of Logan Paul too far? — Carl Froch weighs in

After possibly the most brutal online assault in recorded history, Dillon Danis will finally have to back up his words when he sets foot in the ring with Logan Paul on Saturday night.

In a move that has sent the internet into meltdown, Danis has pointed out that his opponent’s fiance has had more than one or two boyfriends. Throughout the build-up, the jiu-jitsu legend has spent his time tracing every inch of the world wide web in a bid to find any content he can use to mock Paul’s partner, much to the amusement of his fans.

Unsurprisingly, his conduct has split the public down the middle. While some love the fact that Paul has been put in his place, others think that Danis has gone a step too far.

But which side of the fence does Carl Froch sit on?

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Carl Froch gives his views on Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis

In an eventful career, Froch was never shy of mocking his opponents. From bad breath to their lack of boxing ability, ‘The Cobra’ was happy to get a mental edge in any way he could. But despite his trash-talking ranking right up there with the best of them, he isn’t a fan of what he’s seen in the lead-up to Paul’s collision with Danis.


In an interview with Best Gambling Sites, he said: “Posting pictures of Logan’s Mrs is in bad taste. It’s crossing the line. But I bet neither of them are even bothered. Logan’s probably really thinking, ‘Oh, this is alright, he’s drumming up a bit of interest’. This is why it should be called play fighting. All these clowns are play fighting. They’re all doing what they need to do to try and sell it and make money, and I can see straight through it.”

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He continued: “I can imagine it being quite entertaining that somebody is posting pictures of someone’s Mrs to drum it up. But for me, I just shake my head and just do a half smile and say, ‘What is happening’? Please stop calling yourself ‘Professional boxers’. Stop doing it, because professional boxing is a serious business, and this is the f****** clown business, and I can’t emphasise it enough. And Tommy Fury is giving it credence. But he’s making money, so fair play to him. Dillon Danis has crossed a line, but that’s the level of integrity in this play fighting, Misfits world.”

Carl Froch calls out Jake Paul

While the ex-super middleweight world champion is enjoying a cosy life, mocking YouTubers and reminding the world that he fought George Groves in front of 80,000 people, he’s still up for returning to the ring for one last dance.

He laughed: “It’s a pantomime. And it’s also pantomime when they get in there and start to throw punches. Jake Paul against Nate Diaz was awful. Oh my goodness, I’ve seen better white-collar fights. Jake Paul called me out, and then he got shot down. He didn’t want to take me up on what he said. He told me to fight Anderson Silva, and then he’d fight me. I said I’ll fight you both on the same night. But it just went quiet, so Jake Paul is a sh*thouse bottle job. I would put him into f****** orbit, and he’s realised it. He won’t come anywhere near this old man. He’s got no intentions of fighting anybody who can actually fight. People might say he’s fought Tommy Fury. But Fury is a novice pro.”

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