How Arsene Wenger predicted the future of free transfers

There have been some wise managers to grace the beautiful game but few are more interesting to listen to than Arsene Wenger.

The former Arsenal boss has enjoyed an extensive career with most of it taking place in English football with the Gunners. Now, though, between his FIFA role and punditry work, fans get to hear a lot more from Wenger as he attempts to improve and develop the sport as much as he possibly can in his post-managerial days.

Are free transfers the way forward?

Arsene has always provided fans with words of wisdom and he’s also shown an ability to look ahead to the future and see what’s coming. Back in 2017, he showcased that when discussing the growing habit of players running down their contract before leaving on a free transfer.

“I think in the future, you will see it more and more. Why? Because the transfers are so high, even for normal players. 

“You will see more and more players going into the final year of the contract because no club will want to pay the amount demanded. In the next 10 years, it will become usual. 

“I think the performance on the day does not depend on the length of the contract, if that was true we would sign everyone for 20 years and be happy.”

Wenger went on to suggest that the nature of free transfers could spur players on to play their best football in the months leading up to their contract expiring.

During the current transfer window alone we’ve seen Gianluigi Donnarumma, Sergio Ramos and Lionel Messi all make their way over to Paris Saint-Germain with the only money the French side having to worry about being their wages.

PSG, as one of the richest teams in world football, probably can’t believe their luck in the midst of a transfer climate that has been ravaged by the effects of COVID-19.

Featured image credit: Getty