How much money do Manchester United make in a day?

Manchester United are one of the wealthiest clubs in English football. But how much money do England’s most successful team make in a day, and how do their earnings compare with the rest of the world’s wealthiest football teams?

Casumo has analysed the past earnings and worths of the world’s biggest teams. They have compiled a report highlighting how rapidly these clubs make their millions and how big they’ve grown over the past decade.

England’s Richest Clubs

The Red Devils are currently the wealthiest club in the country. However, Liverpool and Manchester City are hot on their heels. All three clubs make £1.3 million per day, but United’s £56,000 per hour, edges out Liverpool’s and City’s £53,896 and 52,989 respectively.

Although United are currently the financial kings of English football, their arch-rivals, City, take the mantel of the world’s fastest-growing team. The Cityzens made £549.2 million in the 2019-20 season, and in addition, they have increased their worth by 259% over the last ten years.

English teams currently dominate football’s financial field. United, Liverpool and City are all considered global powerhouses, but Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, who both also feature in the top 10, deserve mentions.

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World’s Richest Clubs

RankClubCountryAnnual revenueMonthly revenueWeekly revenueDaily revenueHourly revenueRevenue per minuteRevenue per second
2Real MadridSpain£584.7m£48.7m£11.2m£1.6m£66,748£1,112£18.54
3Bayern MunichGermany£535.9m£44.7m£10.3m£1.5m£61,181£1,020£16.99
4Manchester UnitedEngland£490.6m£40.9m£9.4m£1.3m£56,000£933£15.55
6Manchester CityEngland£464.2m£38.7m£8.9m£1.3m£52,989£883£14.72
7Paris Saint-GermainFrance£456.9m£38.1m£8.8m£1.3m£52,160£869£14.49
9Tottenham HotspurEngland£376.7m£31.4m£7.2m£1.0m£43,003£717£11.94
Credit Casumo

However, it’s not an English club that currently leads the global table. According to Casumo, Barcelona is still the world’s richest club, with the Spaniards making £1.7m per day. The European giants generate a massive revenue of €715.1m a year – which equates to £11.6 million every week.

Real Madrid placed second, whilst Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain, and Juventus round off the rest of the table, to highlight that the wealth of world football still lies predominantly in Europe.

The seven biggest clubs in world football all earn at least £50,000 per hour, which equates to a whopping £1.3 million every week.

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