Idris Virgo wants to fight Tommy Fury in Love Island grudge match

After watching Tommy Fury topple Jake Paul in one of the biggest fights of the year, Idris Virgo is desperate to solidify his place as the best boxer in reality TV.

Following two years of non-stop trash talk, the battle between the two social media stars came to a head. And while many favoured the YouTuber going into the bout, it was the brother of the WBC Heavyweight King who came out on top.

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Utilising his snappy jab, fancy footwork and overall fighting IQ, the Brit boxed his way to a split-decision victory, even showcasing his heart by picking himself off the floor.

Despite the pressure of the world on his shoulders, Fury rose to the occasion, showcasing the gap between himself and the rest of the influencer scene.

However, with the likes of KSI, Tyron Woodley and Paul Bamba all hunting him down, the Salfordian isn’t short of options. And there’s one in particular that stands out from the pack.

Idris Virgo wants Tommy Fury

The Birmingham boxer has spent his career craving a big fight. And a few years back, he nearly got his wish.

The 29-year-old told Betting Sites: “I offered a fight with Tommy Fury, but he pulled out! I was actually granted a fight with Tommy Fury, and he pulled out of it!

“I came out of Love Island, and then he went to Love Island. As soon as he came out of Love Island, I got a call from his manager, who then offered my coach the chance to fight Tommy Fury.

“I accepted and immediately wanted to build this fight. Tommy instantly said,’No, I don’t want to fight Idris Virgo. I don’t want him at my fight because he will put me off.’ I was left thinking ‘why would he take offer the fight if he had no interest in taking it?”

My team could only assume that Tommy Fury’s camp didn’t think I would accept the fight, and it could come down to the fact that his father saw me spar Billy Joe Saunders and thought it was too much of a risk for Tommy at that point. “

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“If he builds the courage again to fight me, it would be a great fight. It could be dubbed the ‘Love Island Battle.’ It would be great for TV to see who has the best hands in Love Island. I would smash both Jake Paul and Tommy Fury’s heads in!

“They may be heavier than me, but I will still smash both their heads in regardless.

“I did what Tommy Fury wasn’t able to do against Anthony Taylor. I was happy with my performance against Anthony Taylor. Unfortunately, I had a bit of ring rust as I hadn’t boxed in a year. But other than that, I was pleased. I knocked him down twice. I did what Tommy Fury wasn’t able to do. Tommy took the fight on two weeks’ notice, and he didn’t give a good performance against Taylor. I could have done better, but I’m still happy.”

Virgo even claims that without his stint on the ITV 2 dating competition, Fury never would’ve done it himself.

“I would say I served as an inspiration for Tommy Fury to join Love Island. He wouldn’t have gone on there if it wasn’t for me. When I sparred Billy Joe Saunders, John Fury approached me and told me that Love Island approached Tommy and asked whether or not he should pursue it. I turned around and told him ‘’Yes, 100%.’’ He was right to let him pursue it because nobody knew who Tommy Fury was at that point. I didn’t even know that Tyson Fury had a little brother! I could have been selfish and told John Fury that he shouldn’t let Tommy go on the show, and who knows where he would have been.”

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