The Iranian Hulk gets called out by fighter who calls himself ‘The Kazakh Titan’

After the cancellation of his fight with Martyn Ford, the Iranian Hulk may have a new challenger in the form of ‘The Kazakh Titan.’

Iranian Hulk, real name Sajad Gharibi, and Ford were due to face off at the O2 Arena on April 30th. However, the fight was scrapped two weeks ago with both men blaming the other for its postponement.

On a video posted to his Instagram, Ford was initially cryptic on the reasons behind the fight cancellation. He said the battle was off due to “reasons out of my control.”

However, on his Facebook, the British heavyweight responded to a fan about the cancellation. This time, Ford said it was because of: “Concerns on mental well-being and also health and safety risk involved with this matchup.”

Ford is likely referencing Hulk’s troubles after their first face-off. Gharibi worried fans when he said he had no coach for the fight.

In addition, the concern intensified when Hulk had a breakdown during an interview where he revealed that his parents had disowned him. They apparently disowned him following his actions in his and Ford’s first meeting.

Firing back, Gharibi wrote on Instagram that it was the Brit who pulled out of the fight. “Today, I heard Ford don’t want [a] fight, not me, not any other fighters. I never cancelled any fight, but he don’t want [to] see me again,” wrote Hulk.

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Now his clash with the Brit is off, a new challenger has called out Iranian Hulk named ‘The Kazakh Titan.’

Kazakh Titan aims for Iranian Hulk

In a YouTube short video, the Kazakh Titan mocked both Martyn Ford and Sajad Gharibi.

“Hey Sajad [Hulk]. I am real Hulk; you and Martyn Ford are cowards – let’s fight!” said the mysterious strongman.

Kazakh Titan, real name Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich, also took to his Instagram to call out Hulk.

In an odd video, Bakhytovich showcased his strength on an arcade-style punching machine that had Gharibi’s face on it. He also ripped a wad of photos of Hulk in two. Finally, he blew up what looks like a hot water bottle – again with Hulk’s face on it – with his breath until it exploded.

He captioned the interesting clip with another demand for a fight.

Kazakh Titan
A screenshot from Kazakh Titan’s bizarre video

“Sajad you are a coward, come with me Deris I have been waiting for you for 1 year now sign the contract coward,” read the English part of the caption.

But who is the Kazakh Titan?

An influencer with big ambitions

Hailing from Kazakhstan, Bakhytovich does not yet have the same level of following as other celebrity superhuman boxers. His Instagram currently has 21.7 thousand followers – not really getting close to the Hulk’s one million at the moment.

Image credit: Instagram @qazaqtitan

His content mostly includes his strongman exploits and TV appearances, alongside his call-out of the Iranian Hulk. According to the Mirror, the Kazakh Titan claims to be a two-time strongman champion. Therefore, he theoretically fits the archetype of the superman celebrity boxers.

Despite this, Sajad Gharibi has not yet responded to Bakhytovich. Fans may have to wait before they see the power of the Kazakh Titan.

Featured image credit: Instagram/@asajadgharibiofficial