Jake Paul: Top Five opponents for ‘The Problem Child’

After producing a spectacular KO win over Andre August, the world can’t wait to see Jake Paul back in action. So, we’ve had a look at the top five potential opponents for the YouTuber’s next contest.

On Saturday evening, ‘The Problem Child’ landed a crushing uppercut to render the former Golden Gloves star unconscious. However, while he made easy work of the veteran, the men below will likely offer a much tougher challenge.


1) KSI

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The fans have waited for years for the paths of the two biggest names in the influencer boxing scene to finally cross. Alas, despite the rivalry, the pair have failed to sign on the dotted line. However, having beaten each other’s brothers and both proven their skills, it’s time they finally put egos aside and give their subscribers the fight they crave.

2) Tommy Fury

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While Tommy Fury made Paul chase shadows with his silky footwork and lightning jab, the American can always say he put the Mancunian on the canvas. Therefore, with the Love Island runner-up desperate to finish his nemesis once and for all, and Paul confident that with more experience, he can turn everything around, this is a rematch that will undoubtedly capture the imagination of public.

3) Jorge Masvidal

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Paul currently has three of MMA’s biggest stars on his resume, but he’s yet to take the scalp of Masvidal. And unlike the others, if the controversial online star attempts to cross the line in the trash-talking department, we know ‘Gamebred’ won’t see the funny side — just ask Colby Covington.

4) Viddal Riley

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While a fight between Paul and Viddal Riley seems a million years away on paper, with the Cleveland native chasing world titles, he’ll have to accept the reality that a collision with KSI’s former coach is more than a possibility. And from his comments at Saturday’s post-fight press conference, it seems he’s up for the challenge.

5) Idris Virgo

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Having made appearances on Love Island and The Challenge, Idris Virgo is rising up the influencer rankings and would love nothing more than to share the ring with Paul. And with the Birmingham brawler having become a core part of KSI’s team, a bout between the two would undeniably add a little bit more spice to the feud between the American and his greatest adversary.

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