‘Jake Paul would ragdoll Conor McGregor’ according to MMA icon

While Jake Paul vs Conor McGregor was no more than a pipe dream a few years ago, now, it looks like the bout could actually come to fruition.

This weekend, ‘The Problem Child’ clashes with Nate Diaz in a match-up that has rendered MMA fans terrified. While the man from Stockton is undeniably one of the toughest individuals on the planet, at the age of 38 and with a lack of fundamental boxing skills, the combat sports legend could end up on the canvas staring up at the lights.

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If that ends up being the case, Paul might genuinely have a shot at getting his Irish nemesis into the ring.

After all, McGregor wouldn’t want the American to be able to say he finished Diaz in a better manner than he did.

Ultimately, whether we like it or not, a battle between these two polarising figures would generate enormous interest. And one MMA fighter is confident that the YouTuber has the beating of the 2x UFC champion.

Could Jake Paul beat Conor McGregor?

According to ex-Bellator star and current influencer boxer, Anthony Taylor, Paul would not only beat ‘The Notorious’, but he’d do so in dominant fashion.

Speaking to Neue Online Casinos, he said: “I hear Jake Paul is looking superhuman in this camp. He’s training with killers, and there’s no question he’s going to send Nate Diaz into retirement.


“Respect to Diaz. He’s had a great career. But he’s not going to know what’s hit him when Jake detonates on his chin. I’ve tasted Jake’s power; his right-hand hits like a baseball bat. Given Diaz’s age and how much smaller he is compared to Jake, I don’t see how Diaz can stand up to that kind of firepower.”

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Taylor continued: “He’s got as much chance of winning as Francis Ngannou has of beating Tyson Fury. He’s got two hopes: Bob and none. If he makes it out of the third round, I’d be surprised. Don’t blink. Once he’s knocked out Nate, what I’d like to see Jake do next is bring Conor McGregor into the ring at a catch weight.

“Conor is a sharpshooter, so it will be more of a difficult fight than Nate. But I expect Jake to rag-doll Conor around the ring once he’s found his range and timing. Ending the careers of Conor and Nate back to back would be a massive achievement.”

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