Josh Warrington trolls Leigh Wood with hilarious ‘Sheep’ T-shirt

While Josh Warrington is renowned for doing his business in the ring, he couldn’t resist mocking Leigh Wood with an amusing T-shirt.

Possessing an outrageous engine and an unrivalled will to win, ‘The Leeds Warrior’ has cemented his place among the greatest fighters to ever emerge from these shores. And he’s got the fanbase to match.

Having taken his supporters on an incredible journey from leisure centres all the way to a world title win at Elland Road, he’s hoping to give them another epic chapter in his legendary story.

But before he and Wood set foot in the squared circle in Sheffield Arena on October 7, they first have to engage in the art of verbal warfare.

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While the pair have copious amounts of respect for one another, Warrington isn’t afraid of going toe-to-toe with his rival in a war of words.

Having gone the extra mile, the 2x World Champion showed off an epic T-shirt, which depicts himself as a shark, walking Leigh, who, due to his curly hair, has taken on the form of a sheep.

Speaking to SPORF, Warrington laughed: “Every now and then, there’s a bit of banter. In the press conference, he mentioned putting a video out, calling me ‘Baby Shark’.

“I find his choice of hairstyle interesting, to say the least. He’s a 35-year-old man going for a blue-rinse perm. I thought that was a hairstyle for old women. So, I made him a sheep.

“I’m the shark with the Leeds tattoo, looking rather menacing with a big head.”

Josh Warrington believes his Leeds faithful will demolish Leigh Wood’s Nottingham army

Since day one, Warrington has boasted one of the best fanbases in the country, with his loyal supporters, downing pints and cheering his name as he boxes his way to glory.

However, when he takes on Wood, his fans will have to go head-to-head with an equally passionate Nottingham crew, who hope their man has the skills to bag the victory.

But Warrington doesn’t think his troops will have any problem with making more noise on the night.

He beamed: “I feel he’s only just got his fanbase because of his recent run of form. My fans aren’t just there for an event or because it’s related to a football club, they’ve been there through thick and thin. I’ve been boxing for 14 years, ten of which at the championship level. And we’ve been filling arenas out since then. 

“Look at when I got beaten by Mauricio Lara behind closed doors. I bounced back, and we filled out 18,000 at Headingley Stadium. He might have a few people there supporting him and singing Nottingham songs, but I know that everyone who’s coming to watch me, wants me to succeed. So there might be some noise coming from his lot, but I guarantee they’ll be drowned out by my lot.” 

Josh Warrington wants to do a number on Leigh Wood

With their eagerly-anticipated bout fast approaching, Warrington is in the heat of the most intense training camp of his entire career. And through an extensive period of analysing his opponent’s resume, he’s confident he has the tools to do the business.


He asserted: “With all his wins, none of them have been pretty. I don’t care what anybody says. Michael Conlan was beating him on points. If he’d seen the last round out, he’d have been champion. Lara knocked him out in the first one, and in the second, Lara came in overweight. I can’t fault Leigh for the Xu Can performance because it was brilliant. But it turned out that Xu Can wasn’t the monster we all thought he was.  

“I don’t want to discredit Leigh because he can only fight who’s put in front of him. But I have dissected Xu Can’s career, and when you look at his opponents, there’s nothing fantastic about the wins he’s picked up.” 

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How Josh Warrington intends to cope with Leigh Wood’s power

In a sport where everything can go wrong in an instant, Warrington knows he has to be on his game.

Throughout his career, Wood has proven that he carries dynamite in his fists, ironically knocking out Michael Conlan in the last round of their thrilling encounter at the Nottingham Arena.

However, having faced an array of heavy hitters, the British boxing icon is convinced that he has the mindset to get through the fire and come out the other side.

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The 32-year-old said: “His punch power keeps getting mentioned like he’s the only puncher I’ve ever been in with. I’ve been in with loads of them. I fought Martin Lindsay, and he was knocking people out like Derry Matthews with a left hook. And he was asleep before he hit the canvas. That’s how long I’ve been going.” 

“When I fought Hisashi Amagasa, who put Guillermo Rigondeaux on his backside, he’d had more knockouts than I’d had fights. I know that I can hold a shot. Some might say, ‘You got knocked out by Lara’, but he hit Leigh with one clean punch and put him out. I took nine rounds of them, kept on going, and still believed I could’ve won the fight. I asked Howard Foster to carry on when he stopped it.  

“When I look at the Martinez fight. The shot that broke my jaw, would Leigh have stayed up? I don’t think so. It’s alright being able to dish them out, but you have to be able to take them as well, but I don’t think he can.” 

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