Karlos Vémola reveals what exotic animal he’s going to add to his collection after seven-second KO at Oktagon MMA 47

In a performance reflective of the hype he brings to the sport, Karlos Vémola shocked the world at Oktagon MMA 47, knocking Pavol Langer out cold in just seven seconds to retain his light heavyweight title. And to reward his incredible accomplishment, he’s getting himself another exotic pet.

In a career jam-packed with awe-inspiring achievements, ‘The Terminator’ has cemented his place in the Czech sporting history books. With flash cars, snappy suits and actual lions roaming around his back garden, the icon screams superstar.

But behind the glitz and glam stands a warrior capable of switching the lights off at any given second.

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On Saturday evening, the 38-year-old travelled to enemy territory to take on Langer in front of his adoring fans at the Tipos Arena in Bratislava, Slovakia.

After upsetting the applecart on more than one occasion, the towering interim champion, who’d emerged from the blue as the ultimate ‘Cinderella Man’, couldn’t wait to get in the cage and dethrone Vémola, in what would’ve been a monumental victory.

But without a care in the world, the King of the light heavyweight division, nailed his opponent to the canvas, before finishing him in just seven seconds, to bag the quickest knockout in Oktagon history. And rather than resting on his laurels, he’s looking forward to heading straight back into training camp en route to securing another career-defining moment.

Karlos Vémola wants to become a double Oktagon MMA champion

With his legacy already assured, at this stage, the first Czech fighter to ever make it to the UFC, is simply adding cherries on top of an already delicious cake.

Having established two of the greatest rivalries in the history of the sport, the martial artist is determined to have the last laugh.


And while all roads are seemingly leading to a match-up with Attila Végh, Vémola can’t quite get Patrik Kincl out of his head.

With the fierce enemies currently tied at one victory apiece, the 205-pound champ is desperate to settle the score.

He told Sporf: “I think everybody wants me to fight Patrik Kincl. The only man who doesn’t want that fight is Patrik Kincl. Watch his excuses, watch him running, take my bet — he will not take this fight. F**k him anyway. I’m not waiting for anyone. If he doesn’t take the fight, it’s going to be someone else. But if I do that, people will say, ‘You’ve taken an easy opponent’.

“I didn’t ask for an easy opponent. I’ve asked for the hardest you’ve got. I asked for the champion. If you don’t want to give me that, I’ll fight anyone.”

But it’s not just the scalp of his nemesis that Vémola wants to take, but the belt wrapped around his waist.

He explained: “My career is nearly at the end, and before I finish, I want to do the things that people are going to be talking about a long time after I’ve gone. After landing the fastest knockout in seven seconds, it’s going to take a while for someone to do it faster.

“Yes, I’m a champion at the moment. But I’m only a single champion. I think I can be a double champion before I retire. That’s why I’m asking for another title shot at middleweight.

“What a retirement that would be — fastest knockout and a double champ. Every time you achieve a nice goal, there’s always a bigger goal, so that’s what I’m going for. I will be the double champ before I retire.”

Karlos Vémola is buying himself an eagle to celebrate his Oktagon MMA 47 title defence

If there are two things, Vémola loves, it’s fighting and animals.

In his luxurious home, he has lions, tigers, racoons and even sharks and crocodiles swimming around his living room. And while he’s still dreaming of purchasing an elephant, for now, he’s giddy to pick up his new eagle.

He beamed: “After each victory, I treat myself to something I like because I’ve been working very hard for it. So, for my next treat, I decided that in my animal collection, I don’t have an eagle. So, I’m going to get myself an eagle.

“When I started with the wild cats, everybody said, ‘Get something small to start off with’, so, I got a lion. You can’t get bigger than that; now, I’ve fallen in love with birds. Everybody says, ‘Get something small’, f**k it, I’m going to get an eagle. Next week, watch; I’ll have an eagle on my shoulder.”

Featured Image Credit: Oktagon MMA