Kristoffer Lund Exclusive

In a recent interview with Kristoffer Lund, the talented left-back opened up to me about his dreams and reflections on his soccer journey so far. The 21 year old left back joined Palermo this summer, and has enjoyed a good season so far. Lund’s determination shone through as he shared,

“My main goal is to become an established player at Palermo and gain promotion to Serie A with the Rosanero jersey as soon as possible.”

Lund made his national team debut for the USMNT just this September, and has already made himself a roster regular, but is still motivated to make the left-back spot his own. He emphasized the link between club success and national recognition, noting,

“I am aware that only with positive performances with my club can I also establish myself with the USMNT.”

I asked him what makes his enthusiasm so contagious.

“Celebrating a goal is the best moment of a match, because it is the reward for the many sacrifices and hard work that goes into training. Both in the USMNT and in Palermo, I’m lucky enough to play on a team with a lot of good guys and this makes it easier to have good feelings off the pitch as well. -I am a young man, and I am lucky to be part of a very strong group with the right mix of experience and youth.”

Anticipating the 2026 World Cup, Lund couldn’t hide his excitement. Reflecting on the growth of soccer in the U.S., he shared,

“It’s been almost 30 years since USA 94, in these decades soccer in the U.S. has grown exponentially, it will be a truly historic event and I dream of being able to be part of that team.”

He recalled the moment he received the first call from Gregg.

“Getting the call from Gregg that I would get picked for the USMNT was surreal for me. I had a lot going on at that moment in my former club with a lot of games in the league and Champions League qualifying games, so adding that I would go play with this great team made me very happy and proud. The call was very nice. Gregg and I had a very good talk where he told me about himself, how I had developed as a player, and that the national team was a very good group with an extremely high level of play.”

When it came to discussing his playing style, Lund acknowledged his attacking strengths but stressed his commitment to defensive improvement. He said,

“I consider myself a left-back with a good flair for offensive play, but especially now in Italy I am also improving in defensive play that is taken care of down to the smallest detail.”

He told me he models his game after none other than the best defender to play in Italy, Paolo Maldini.

“For me, Paolo Maldini has always been a guy that I respect a lot for his technical skill and leadership.”

Palermo are a beautifully historic and ambitious entity in Italian football recently boosted in partnership with the prestigious and powerful City Football Group. I asked him for some more insight into what it’s been like experiencing it.

“Serie B is a very competitive league where the level is a lot higher than most people expect. Our team is very strong, but the championship is long and difficult, we have to face match after match with great balance to stay on top of the table until the end. I’m proud to be part of Palermo FC and City Football Group. It’s the most important football group in the world. Us footballers are able to work well and have everything we need, thanks to the new training center built in Torretta.”

Kris also shared some about his relationship with Palermo coach Eugenio Corini, drawing parallels between the coaching styles of Corini and Berhalter.

“Both coaches are very good. On a personal and tactical level. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity and be able to play under and get trained by both.”

As Kristoffer Lund’s journey unfolds, his impact on the pitch for Palermo is undeniable. Currently positioned at 3rd in the Serie B table, the Rosanero are fiercely battling for promotion—a testament to Lund’s dedication and the strength of the team. After a game on the weekend, Kris is now set to join his United States national team teammates in a crucial match against Trinidad and Tobago on November 16th, marking another milestone in his international career. As the left-back continues to make strides both domestically and on the global stage, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his soccer story.