KSI and Wade Plem make up after heated war of words

In a shocking turn of events, KSI lost his marbles with Wade Plem after the content creator claimed that Jake Paul could sell more PPVs for rematching Tommy Fury than fighting him.

On February 26, ‘The Problem Child’s’ meteoric explosion in the world of boxing came to an end at the hands of the WBC heavyweight champion’s younger brother. The Love Island runner-up schooled Paul with his snappy jab and evasive footwork. However, rather than accept the reality of the result, the American has made a plethora of excuses and vows to change the result in the rematch. However, KSI wants his rival to snub his chance of redemption in favour of facing him instead.

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But while Paul has long chased KSI, he doesn’t seem particularly interested for the time being. Despite a bout with his YouTube adversary being massive for the community, it doesn’t cross over to the hardcore combat sports fans.

Wade, who’s regularly given his takes on MisFits shows, revealed his view on which direction the Cleveland native should take.

He claimed: “We heard from Jake in the IMPAULSIVE podcast, he does not think that the KSI fight sells like a Tommy Fury rematch and a Floyd Mayweather fight. And I don’t know that I can disagree with him right now.”

Ultimately, his view had a great deal of validity. But it didn’t go down well with KSI.

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KSI slams Wade Plem

Throwing his toys out of the pram, ‘The Nightmare’ tweeted: “This man acts like he knows everything about boxing. He doesn’t know sh*t. You’re not that guy. Can’t believe Sharky let this snake into my box. F*ck off.

“This Wade guy plays all sides, trying to please everyone. You are so fake. F*ck you and everything you stand for, you two-faced ****.”

Shortly after, the part-time rapper’s manager, Mams Taylor, fired Wade from Misfits, saying: “Have fun on KingPyn.”

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Wade responded by announcing a huge career move: “I may as well promote it now, as I’m not working for Misfits, that I’ll be working for the PFL.”

He also fired back at KSI, arguing: “I understand I ruffle some feathers at Misfits with my takes on things, but I don’t and have never switched up on you in person or online. My opinions of a potential fight don’t reflect my opinion of you as a person or a fighter. I’ve always respected you as both.”

Following the back-and-forth, KSI received mass backlash from the fans and consequently realised his mistake.

He posted: “I’m sorry for my tweets. It was way out of character. We’ve already spoken privately, but I wanted to publicly apologise to Wade Plem.”

Featured Image Credit: Getty & Wade Plem