KSI announces tag team boxing fight for Misfits 5

KSI is continuing to make innovative moves in the boxing world, putting together a WWE-style tag team match for the next Misfits card.

The bill in question, taking place on March 4, features a main event between YouTubers Jay Swingler and Nich Lmao. But while the two headline fighters have captured the public’s attention to an extent, it’s the undercard that has stolen the bulk of the headlines.

YouTube video

You don’t generate public reaction without knowing what you’re doing, and earlier this week, KSI threw out his fishing line, teasing us with a huge announcement.

He tweeted: “This Monday, Misfits is gonna change boxing forever.

“This has NEVER been done before on the big stage. Watch this space…”

Then Misfits revealed the news, which went down brilliantly with YouTube fanatics, but not so well with the purists.

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KSI confirms the huge tag team match-up

In a viral tweet, the promotion posted: “Double Trouble. Ground-breaking TAG TEAM fight goes down in Telford, live on @mf_daznxseries, as former foes combine.”

Yes, that’s right, Luis Alcaraz Pineda, the man adored for his bizarre in-ring antics, is teaming up with his former nemesis. At the last event, the Mexican turned up as the card’s mystery opponent and gave an unsuspecting, B Dave, a bit of a beating.

However, this time he will join forces with the social media star to take on Stromedy and Austin Sprinz, who boxed last year, with the former coming away the victor.

The fighters in the ring at any one time will compete under the Queensberry ruleset. And we can only assume the tagging will work like it does in the WWE.

Knowing how divisive the match-up is, KSI laughed: “Boxing purists ain’t gonna like this one.”

Featured Image Credit: Getty