KSI vs Tommy Fury: How to watch, UK start time, Full Card

In a fight that some deem him mad for taking, on Saturday evening, KSI will go toe-to-toe with Tommy Fury, and we’re telling you exactly how to watch the action.

With an electric build-up set to culminate in a crazy night of action, the world can’t wait for the biggest card in influencer boxing history. From Dillon Danis bullying Logan Paul for his fiance’s number of previous partners, to a cracking clash between Salt Papi and Slim, the card is stacked with fantastic fights. But everyone knows that all roads are leading to a mental main event, in which anything could happen.

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It goes without saying that common sense suggests that Fury will not only win the contest, but do so with relative ease. He is the professional boxer, after all.

With a lightning jab and silky footwork. he has the skill set to leave his opponent chasing shadows. While KSI has found some success with his unorthodox style in the past, Fury has the technical skill to punish him, landing quick combinations with explosive speed.

But while the Mancunian is rightly the favourite, a body language expert warns that he shouldn’t write off ‘The Nightmare’.

Does this analysis change your opinion on KSI vs Tommy Fury?

In an interview with Casino Alpha, Darren Stanton said: “It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for, as the saying goes. KSI clearly has an immense amount of confidence and self-belief that he is going to win the fight. I don’t think it is by any means all over like Fury would have us believe.

“Fury likes to be a bit of a showman, and his gestures and actions are similar to Conor McGregor. He likes to talk a good game, and he wears grandiose clothes and things like that. If I were to put money on it, I would put money on KSI because he has nothing to prove. When people are quiet like that and utilise non-verbal communication in such a way, it suggests an immense confidence that he can knock Fury out cold.”

While many will take no notice of his assessment, others will see it as a possible indication that this isn’t as much of a mismatch as first thought. Regardless, the juices are flowing and here’s how you can tune in.

How to watch KSI vs Tommy Fury


Fans can watch the entire broadcast on sports streaming service DAZN, via pay-per-view for £19.99.

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KSI vs Tommy Fury: Start time

Saturday night’s bill is scheduled to start at 7 PM, with a packed undercard, featuring Anthony Taylor.

Ahead of his fight against King Kenny, he told Gambling Zone: “I’m fighting King Kenny, and it’s not going to last a round. I’ve been training my ass off. I’m seeking and destroying; I’m taking his head off and let it be known, I am the guy at 175. I’ve also been working on a secret weapon, a secret punch that King Kenny will have not seen before. You are going to have to tune in, and King Kenny, I hope you’re prepared, brother, because when it detonates, it’s going to be game over. We’re bringing drama. He’s a game opponent; he’s going to get technical, but I have a royal surprise in store for the king.”

The main event is scheduled for an 11.25 PM start.

KSI vs Tommy Fury: Full card

KSI vs Tommy Fury

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Salt Papi vs Slim Albaher

Deen the Great vs Walid Sharks

King Kenny vs Anthony Taylor

Whindersson Nunes vs My Mate Nate

Wassabi Lmao (Alex Wassabi & NichLmao) vs Los Pineda Coladas (Luis Alcaraz Pineda & BDave) – tag-team match

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