La Liga slam the European Super League with ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ comparison

La Liga have hit back at the European Super League after they proposed the controversial idea of an 80-team competition.

After A22’s first attempt to change the landscape of ‘the beautiful game’ ended in failure, the company’s bounced back with a brand-new concept. The rebranded idea would put together a multi-divisional format, with the teams selected on sporting performance.

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On February 9, chief executive Bernd Reichart told German newspaper Die Welt: “The foundations of European football are in danger of collapsing.

“It’s time for a change. It is the clubs that bear the entrepreneurial risk in football. But when important decisions are at stake, they are too often forced to sit idly by on the sidelines as the sporting, and financial foundations crumble around them.

“Our talks have also made it clear that clubs often find it impossible to speak out publicly against a system that uses the threat of sanctions to thwart opposition.

“Our dialogue was open, honest, constructive and resulted in clear ideas about what changes are needed and how they could be implemented. There is a lot to do, and we will continue our dialogue.”

However, despite their efforts, the fans and the European domestic leagues themselves remain 100% opposed to the idea, especially the Spanish first division, who’ve voiced their opinion on social media.

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La Liga slam European Super League

In a testament to their creativity, La Liga have devised an interesting analogy to describe A22’s plans. They’ve compared the much-criticised proposition to a fairy tale that embodies the definition of deception.

They tweeted: “The Super League is the wolf in the story of Little Red Riding Hood. It is disguising itself as an open and meritocratic competition. But underneath, there is still the same selfish, elitist and greed-driven project. Don´t let their tales fool you.”

It goes without saying that the purists don’t want the European Super League to come to fruition. Ultimately, it dramatically endangers the world of football as we know it. The very entity that has kept the global pastime alive for so long looks in serious jeopardy of being wiped out. Furthermore, according to fans and organisations like La Liga, it’s all for financial gain without thought for the sport itself.

Consequently,  UEFA and FIFA have tried tirelessly to prevent this from becoming our reality. However, The European Court of Justice is yet to deliver its final ruling, which will come later this year.

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