Lobov criticises decision to interview McGregor after injury

Artem Lobov has criticised the decision to interview Conor McGregor after his leg break at UFC 264.

In the wake of his devastating injury in the main event against Dustin Poirier, many fans were left to wonder what may come next for ‘The Notorious’.

Alas, they weren’t left to ponder the point for very long, as Joe Rogan proceeded to stick a microphone in Conor’s face and interview him about what happened.

McGregor proceeded to hurl insults at Dustin and his wife, prompting many to question why exactly he was interviewed in the first place.

“It was a mad situation”

As it turns out, McGregor’s close friend and training partner Artem Lobov had a similar point of view.

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“It was a mad situation,” Lobov said. “I mean, look at the way Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman were after his injury happened. [McGregor] was still sitting up and I do think interviews shouldn’t even happen in that scenario. I’m surprised that it did happen. It shouldn’t have happened, but it is what it is in a way. You have to move on and live to fight another day. Now it’s time to heal, train, fix mistakes, and go back again. That’s it.”

There’s been an ongoing debate for a long time now regarding when you should or shouldn’t interview fighters after a contest. If they’ve won then it obviously makes sense, and if they’ve lost in a close decision that’s also understandable in a main event scenario.

Alas, when there are knockouts and injuries this severe, it feels a bit crass to ask for an interview from someone who is so compromised.

As Conor continues on his road to recovery, Artem Lobov is gearing up for his return to bare-knuckle boxing on Saturday night when he goes head to head with Olympic silver medalist Denys Berinchyk for Mahatch FC.

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