McGregor offers to solve major UFC issue with his own glove design

Conor McGregor has offered to help the UFC out with an ongoing issue regarding their glove design.

The UFC’s gloves, as is the case with most promotions in mixed martial arts, are pretty distinct. They use four ounce (110g) gloves, much smaller than what we tend to see in boxing. MMA fighters’ fingers are also on show which assists them in the wrestling department and general ground game.

Unfortunately, this is also where one of the biggest problems stems from.

McGregor’s long-term solution?

Eye-poking tends to be accidental more often than not but it’s also quite a frequent issue that pops up – especially in the UFC. Just as recently as last month we saw a bout between Leon Edwards and Belal Muhammad stopped in the second round after Muhammad suffered a nasty, but accidental, eye poke.

Many fighters, media members and fans have all attempted to come up with a plan to stop this from happening. More often than not it involves a brand new design, which is where the aforementioned McGregor comes in with his own solution.

As you can see, much in the same style as Pride back in the day, the McGregor FAST gloves ensure your fingers aren’t ever really on full display.

They curl around the interior which means it should become a whole lot less likely for fighters to get poked. Should the promotion take the Irishman up on his offer, there’s no doubt he’ll make an absolute bag financially.

Aside from pitching potential business propositions, McGregor will of course face off with rival Dustin Poirier on July 10, as both men look to seal an overall victory with their series tied at one victory each.

Featured image credit: Getty