Meet the Law Graduate and Aussie icon taking the Red Bull Street Style Global Championships by storm — The Jay Hennicke story

Born with tremendous athleticism and sublime powers of intelligence, Australian law graduate, Jay Hennicke, has utilised his talent and mindset to emerge as a freestyle footballing icon.

After taking the sport up at 14, the Hobart native hasn’t looked back, going on a sensational run that has taken him all the way to the 2023 Red Bull Street Style Global Championships.

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Blessed with an unrivalled will to succeed, everything Hennicke touches turns to gold, with the Aussie sensation showcasing his love of the sport through a fantastic art exhibition.

In an exclusive interview with Sporf, he said: “This year, I hosted an art exhibition revolving around freestyle football called ‘Our Side of Things’. It was a week-long and took place at Contemporary Art Tasmania to promote the true culture of freestyle football. It was a really rewarding experience.”

With an innate ability to manipulate his body into all sorts of wacky positions, mesmerising crowds with his insane freestyling ability, Henneke has solidified his place as one of Australia’s greatest sportsmen. And with his incredible intellect shining bright through his law studies, it raises the question: Is there anything this man can’t do?

He laughed: “There’s a lot I can’t do, but I love putting my fingers in a lot of pies. I think it’s really important to explore many aspects of life, and it makes me more inspired on stage.”

Jay Hennicke is one of freestyle football’s brightest stars

Coming from Australia, you’d be forgiven for picturing Hennicke juggling his football on the beach with a barbecue smoking away in the background. But while this is a nice image, the sporting legend takes his practice much more seriously, having dedicated the last decade of his life to becoming one of the best on the planet.

He laughed: “Maybe that’s not so realistic. I love barbecues. I love the beach, but I don’t put them together so much. I’ve been freestyling since 2014 when I was 14. I played football for two years and then started training. I entered my first competition and fell in love with the culture and the scene. I’m a very competitive person, so this really suits me. I’m not confined to a pitch or a team; I can do whatever I want. I love that freedom.”

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Jau Hennicke is ready to make a splash at the 2023 Red Bull Street Style Global Championships

In his sensational career, the gifted freestyler has proven beyond doubt that he’s the best in his region, winning the esteemed Asia-Pacific championships. But tonight, his journey towards becoming the best in the business really begins.

On the grandest stage of them all, he’ll compete in the qualifiers for the Red Bull Street Style Global Championships. And should the supreme athlete produce the performance he knows he’s capable of, he’ll bag his place in the final tomorrow evening at the spectacular sold-out Docks Dome, Brussels, Belgium.


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But in order to prove himself at the pinnacle of the sport, he’ll have to whip out the most outrageous trick in his entire locker Abdullah.

He beamed: “Abdullah is definitely one of my favourites. I’m a freestyler who loves flow and connection. I started with the basics and exploring the fundamentals, and then found my own style. I would tell young guys to start by doing things they enjoy.”

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Featured Image Credit: Jay Hennicke