Micah Richards screams pasta out of his mouth, Jamie Carragher analyses it in slo-mo

Jamie Carragher has called a plethora of spectacular sporting moments throughout his broadcasting career. On April 26, his career peaked when he gave an in-depth breakdown of Micah Richards screaming pasta out of his mouth.

Love him or hate him, former England right-back Richards has cemented his place among Britain’s premier football pundits. It’s fair to say he’s not necessarily renowned for his analytical prowess. For instance, he recently claimed that Karim Benzema has only just proved that he’s on the same level as Harry Kane.

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But regardless, he’s undeniably resonated with a large chunk of the public. He’s defied what’s expected of a pundit. Rather than offering insightful opinions, he provides fans with something just as importanta good laugh.

The 33-year-old regularly causes a stir with over the top reactions and peculiar comments, and his fans can’t get enough. But during Manchester City vs Real Madrid, he pushed the boat out further than ever before.

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Micah Richards creates a moment of TV magic as pasta explodes out of his mouth

In an all-time Champions League classic, Manchester City moved a step closer to European glory with a 4-3 victory against Real Madrid.

But despite the spectacular nature of the game, the CBS pundits found something else to talk about in the post-match analysis.

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The game hit the ground running in explosive fashion. Riyad Mahrez delivered a beautifully struck cross, which Kevin De Bruyne nodded home to send the Etihad crowd into raptures. But they weren’t the only ones celebrating. After the match, production decided to highlight how the former ‘Cityzen’ reacted to the goal.

The footage showed Richards silently enjoying a plate of pasta while watching the fixture. But when the ball flew into the back of the net, he well and truly screamed the house down. He began to shriek and punch the air erratically as a piece of pasta looked destined to fly out into the studio.

But in a moment a bomb disposal expert could take pride in, the charismatic pundit managed to prevent the explosion despite the pin already being pulled. Remarkably, he managed to catch the piece of pasta just before it exited his mouth.

Jamie Carragher gives his analysis on the Micah Richards pasta incident

Of course, the gobsmacking moment left the studio in hysterics, and Carragher couldn’t resist offering his expert opinion.

He said: “Listen, this has to be analysed. When we talk about some of the technicians we had on the show today, [Toni] Kroos, [Luka] Modric, [Kevin] De Bruyne, [Bernardo] Silva, no one produced a better first-touch and control of a situation than Micah Richards with the pasta.

“Look at this here. He thinks he’s lost it, miscontrolled it. But then look at this.

“Forget Luka Modric. We’ve got Micah. Big Meeks is back.”

The hilarious situation will undoubtedly live long in the memory of anyone who had the privilege of joining the studio in uncontrollable laughter.

Featured Image Credit: CBS Sports